1. A

    MB+Proc+Ram+cabinet+PSU for 15K-Please suggest

    Hi All , Please suggest a good config for 15K(Motherboard+Proc+Ram+Cabinet+PSU) which is future proof so that i need not change my config for next 4 years. For me PC means Games,Watching HD and listening music :) From all posts i can see Intel solution is at least 5K more than Amd.Is it...
  2. sygeek

    The Geeks Daily

    This thread is meant for sharing interesting articles related to Technology and Geekism on a wide base such that it doesn't fit in Technology news section, Random news section or the OSS article thread. Now, The Rules: Please don't copy-paste the entire article if the site's Terms and...
  3. P

    Get Instant Free Cpanel Hosting Account

    I have started a Free webhosting company and well I didnt know where to post about it on the forum. Thought other people might find it useful. So admins & Mods, if this is not the place for the thread or if its inappropriate, dont ban me. :) 100% free Cpanel Hosting and Get It Instant.Post 2...
  4. coderunknown

    Offtopic: Forum Problem. everyone please join in.

    Guys this is an offtopic but a very important discussion that i want to bring forward today. since yesterday asigh is facing a strage issue. he can't post msg. if he tries, all he gets is a "msg too short. please increase character length beyong 10ch" or something like this. i not creating this...
  5. desiibond

    Time to move on!!!

    Hi Fellow TDF members, As this forum is going from bad to worse and none of the admins care to listen to us, I have decided to move on to TechEnclave. Recently, ads like the rollover BenQ and the slowness of forum is very frustrating. I will still be doing very minimal amount of posts here but...
  6. liquidsnake

    profile picture not showing in posts

    hello friends i uploaded my pic to the site i can see the pic in the user cp page but not in my posts :[ i searched the forum but couldnt get a soln plz help
  7. Krow

    Where is desiibond?

    He needs no introduction. The most active member of the past few months with 6436 posts has suddenly disappeared off the forum. :( Where is he? AFAIK he has not been banned or miserabled. His last activity is also not very long ago. But desii, why don't you post anymore here? Please don't leave...
  8. MetalheadGautham

    Report Spammers!

    Due to the 180 second wait, its becoming hard to catch spammers by reporting their posts. People often end up reporting the same post multiple times since may report the same thing and waste their 180 second quota. So I am starting this thread exclusively for reporting spammers. Just name the...
  9. P

    Plz help me

    Is there any way to find a previous post or reply directly without having to press previous button many times in orkut community forum? Actually i want to see some previous posts but there are more than 8000 posts have been posted so far... Plz help me... Thanks & regards, pankaj chaudhary
  10. P

    How to see more then 3 pages for New Posts ?

    Hi all, When I click "New Posts" I get result only for 3 pages. I get 3 pages when I login after 1 day & even 3 pages even after 15 days. I dont want to miss any posts since my last login. Please suggest what changes do I need to do ?
  11. R

    Active PFC PSU requires A sine wave generatin UPS ???

    I'm gna get a Cooler Master Real power Modular 600W SMPS ... But i found in some posts that it requires a real sine way generating UPS ...But those posts were posted in it still incompatible ??? or should I go for a passive PFC??? my sys config :: Quad core , Intel Classic...
  12. Disc_Junkie

    Original vs Remix

    Why Why Why I post a lot of quotes but always the post number on left of my profile name shows only 4 posts. Why???????
  13. gxsaurav

    Renovating my blog's Design : Need help

    Hi guys, after almost 7 months of using the old Vistared theme for my blog, today I changed it. Please have a look & tell me how is the new blog design. The site is I optimised the site myself for Mobile Phone & PDAs too so if you are using Opera Mobile, Opera Mini, Symbian...
  14. pr.itdude

    thinkdigit problem.........????

    hey, i just wanna to change my pic in the profile..... i deleted the earlier one and browse for a new one through my comp..... but everytime it shows "upload failed" :oops: then i tried to link an image as its the second option... but again the same error !! although in my user CP im able...
  15. alexanderthegreat

    Forum Game:Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Here is another Forum Game and this one is sheer fun! (Thanks for rajkumar_pb and mrintech for recommending this one) In this game, one posts a stupid question. The second poster posts an equally stupid answer(Use of humour highly recommended) and then, posts his/her own stupid question...
  16. V

    Forum posts to mail or mobile

    Friends how can i get the replies made to my posts in forum to my mail or my mobile when i am offline.
  17. M

    How to change Web Host?

    How to change Web Host? Indexing Errors Too Hey friends, Need Help :D I gotta site Right now it's on freehostia and I am searching for a paid host and hopefully i will find one :D I want to ask that how this can be possible when I switch the host all the posts will...
  18. goobimama

    [Digg]it. The Digg club.

    Every once in a way you write a terrific blog post, and you know it is good cause you have worked really hard on it. But, there's no one there to read it besides a few blog regulars. So how do you get it out into the world? Stumbling gets useless traffic, and getting google results is tough...
  19. H

    Forum Wars!!!!

    Hi Everyone, I know this is a very controversial topic to discuss here... But since its the fight club i just thought i should post this here!!! :D I would like to know your opinions about which forum you think is better!! Digit Forum OR Chip Forum!!!! :p I would prefer if you guys...
  20. din

    How do I bump up a thread?

    OK, this may sound as a noob query (of course it is lol). How do I bump up a thread? I mean, I see some posts in this forum, people bump the threads within hrs, like same person posts and topics comes on top. Whenever I add a post (just below my own post) it get auto-merged and I could...
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