1. P

    Posts for my Blog

    I have a blog ( and i want u all sharp minded people that what should I post on my blog so that i can have good reviews, a good traffic and people are not boared by reading the posts. Please help me out. I will be very thankful to u.
  2. ionicsachin

    All the Far Cry and Crysis posts here

    Please post all the Far Cry and Crysis Note: Only PC related posts, no PS2 or XBOX360. You can ask all the questions from console command to ways of improving graphic and performance. I am a big Freak of Far Cry and I've been researching on the console commands. I will periodically be...
  3. C


    I don't know if this is the right place, but isn't anyone getting any notifications thru mail for any posts (threads) or is it just me?
  4. dheeraj_kumar

    Help with Digit Forum

    Now, I realize digit changed forums, but i just posted a message, and my no.of posts was 1? of course, repping is a cool add-on, but when i saw my old posts in other topics, the poster's name was funny when you think of it. so i tried logging in as...
  5. adit_sen

    How to move to wordpress?

    hi... i presently blog at, and want to shift to wordpress. but is there anyway i can move all existing posts from blogger to wordpress? thankx.. peace... aditya
  6. ashfame

    deciding factor

    i hav observed that below the name of user a designation appears (mine is Analogue Novice) which i think is according to no. of posts. Am i right. pl tell me the points when levels / designation are changed
  7. wizrulz


    WHICH GAME AMKING COMAPANY U LIEK MOST? For this u have to tell which company and why? Why=> for this u have to mention which games(more than 1) ? U can also write in additional info and experiences? After getiing few posts we can start of a poll :lol: :wink:
  8. saurabh.sauron

    Blog problems

    Using Blogger, my newer posts come befor the older posts. I want the older posts to come first. Can it be done? If so, what setting is needed. :?: :?:
  9. M

    How to add pics to our pos

    hey all u techeis ou there i am a new member of the forum and waan know how to add pics under ou username when i post a reply as many of u have pics on extreme left of your posts. i also waan know that if u are able to read the last momnths poll results in feb's issue i.e. the poll on spyware...
  10. K

    Visual Studio .NET Installation Problem..

    Hey all Gettin this error on CD1 randomly.. "Internal Error 2337" Please dont tell to google.. tried 10,00 of posts but no help If ne1 personally had this error and solved it.. please help me out here.. urgent.. Using XP Pro
  11. thetopcyborg

    What is the ranking scheme of the forum?????????????????????

    Hey ehat is the ranking scheme of the forum? can anyone take some time out and post a list in this format? :oops: Rank ______________________________________________no. of posts reqd. i am a newcomer so please don't flame me that i'm in a hurry and all.....
  12. mariner

    how to do hyper linking ?

    can someone teach me how to do hyperlinking? i have seen lots of links given which have only "here" in blue and underlined,when clicked takes u to directly to that page. i searched the forums and found two posts
  13. planetcall

    The forum post count problem

    I would like to know why isnt my post count increasing? It has been static even if I make posts. Can someone count my posts and fix the problem ?
  14. R

    How to Reverse Adblock

    I installed this FF ext. Adblock and accidently blocked images from Digit i.e the logo, new posts , and even the new topic.....:( Now I cant reverse it ...plz help
  15. A

    Best forum software.

    I am using phpBB (same one used by DIGIT) to manage my class forums I have tried many other similar softwares but can anyone mention a software like phpBB which supports postlevel moderation. That is when a user posts a message it should not appear on the forum...
  16. expertno.1

    no. of posts and search differ . whats going on

    now whats this click this then click this (find all posts by expertno.1) i clicked on this link and i got search found "1587 matches" and i...
  17. V

    You gonna help me or not?

    Please help me friends! From where in Delhi I can buy the Apple iPod 20 GB Model & how much I have to pay for it? I created this thread 3 days ago and no one help me till now Everybody giving me the links to other sites no one telling the dealers address. You guys very disappointed me. Is...
  18. club_pranay

    forum search error

    every now and then i get this error... while searching the posts. seen on my home PC, local I way, college's computer lab.
  19. vandit

    how to use HTML is digit forum posts.....

    can anyone help me out on how to give those cool HTML effects in posts in forum. the OPTIONS on the left of this box reads: Options HTML is OFF BBCode is ON Smilies are ON :?: :mrgreen:
  20. S


    haw does one get the tag like brainiac and novice and warmed up tech .. is it dependent on the posts one has made or something else... :twisted:
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