1. vamsi_krishna

    Posts Counting in this forum

    Hello, I've been posting many replies and starting new threads. But there has been no increment in the posts count under my username. What's the problem?
  2. casanova

    Adsense enabled from blogger

    I have enabled an adsense channel from my blogger settings to display ads in between the posts. But I am not able to see the code used for this ads hence, I can't track my earnings from the ad's shown in between the posts. I can count the earnings by subtracting the earnings from other...
  3. hansraj

    Poll to know which sub-section of digit forum do u visit for sure!

    It had been in my mind long before to find out that which is the sub-section of this forum which u always read whatever the case may be. I could conclude based on the no of "posts" posted that its definitely QnA which happens to be my favourite as well but i would also like to know the opinion...
  4. M

    Fs: Wd 400gb Hdd!

    I want to sell my 400 GB HDD. The reason, specs and price can be had from these posts of mine:
  5. hjpotter92

    Trouble wih Forum

    I was having this trouble with Digit since I joined this place. But the forum is not counting my posts accurately. I have more than 60 posts and it is showing only19-20. See into the matter.
  6. Cool Buddy

    Opera not displaying images

    No, not as the title suggests. it is not displaying user's images only in this forum, everywhere else, it is fine. it even displays digit logo on top, just the user's images beside the posts are not being displayed. strange, isn't it? can anyone guess what the problem is?
  7. MetalheadGautham

    Linux on USB Drives

    how do I install linux on a transcend tsonic 610 mp3 player without deleting all files in it? Please suggest me a good distro for it. I have everything I listed in the distro request thread(see last few posts)
  8. chicha

    my new system

    AMD X2 4800 ATHLON GIGABYTE GA-M57SLI-S4 1*2 GB 667 Transcend XFX 8600GT 256GT DDR3 Platinium Edition 550Watts Zebronics i am quite exited with my new buy so bare with double posts :D
  9. shady_inc

    What's wrong with the forums.??

    I had created a thread Problem with wmv files in ubuntu. which had got some 10 replies and 80-odd views by today noon.But now I see only one reply and 17 views.Some of my posts in other threads are missing too.Anyone else facing this similiar situation.?? :confused:
  10. goobimama

    Petition: Elimination of the 60 second timer between posts

    If anyone hasn't noticed, it is really irritating. Most of the times, quickly check my UserCP and want to reply on all the subscribed threads. Quickly. But noooo. I have to wait 60 seconds between each post that I make. I realise it's to prevent spammers, but common, we don't have any of...
  11. MetalheadGautham

    Think Digit Geek of the Week

    Digit Geek of the Week Award This is what all have been waiting for! Since the thread started for the noob of the week section has been becoming popular, I decided that there must be an offitial Geek of the Week award too(it rimes well).:D Judging: 1. Originality The post needs to...
  12. V

    how do our posts get added up.

    this forum has some unique make 2 posts it will give the same does th number of posts work here?
  13. tango_cash

    how to find all posts by a user on orkut???

    hi ppl. i am a member of orkut and i want to find all the posts of myself where ever i have posted on orkut. be it in other people's scrapbook or in communities. how can i do this???
  14. aryayush

    Where'd my posts go?

    Hello! :) I don't generally pay attention to my posts because I know I am one of the topmost posters anyway but I couldn't ignore something I noticed yesterday. A day or two ago, I'd just crossed the three thousand milestone. Shantanu had mentioned it so I remember it. And now suddenly, I am...
  15. ash2win

    Blog of a boy who dreams to catch the sun!

    please visit my new blog If u like those posts please dugg,delicious , please...............
  16. raina_rocks

    no. of posts dont increase!!!!

    hey ppl ....... wenever u post on this forum ur posts shud increase..... but i c many times d no of posts dont increase..... this shud happen only wen u r postin 2 posts 1 aftr d other...... eg; my no of posts hav been 50 since d past three days..... no matter wen n hw many times i post......:o
  17. M

    Get Paid To post Forums

    Hi For Starting new Forum ie it good idea To pay users for posting ? like Both any many other forums are paying for posts. are they able to make money thru this ? thanks
  18. aryayush

    Try This

    I have no real idea what the Japanese writing on this page means, and it looks old. But it sure did make me smile. [Via Pogue's Posts]
  19. slugger

    how do i get 2 avatars?

    been chekin out a few profiles and observed dat a few member got 2 avataar 1 dat appears in der posts and 1 dat doesn't wat is it mujhe bhi chahiye waise, kaise?? EDITED Arsenal_Gunners seems 2 have 2
  20. cooldudie3

    Why is my number of posts not moving!!!!!

    :shock::confused:something's weird my number of posts is not moving it's stuck on 27 and i'm sure i posted more than than 27!!!:shock::confused:
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