1. S

    Number of posts not increasing.

    My post counter is stuck at 95. It must be actually at 99or 100. Any ideas as to why this is happenning. It is not changing no matter how many posts I submit.
  2. Raaabo

    FORUM RULES - Updated November 7, 2019

    Rules Last Updated On November 7, 2019 Please note: If you receive an error saying that you are not allowed to post, please make sure you have verified your email address by clicking on the link that is in the welcome mail sent to you after your registration. Check your spam folder if you...
  3. K

    Mystery of Vanishing Posts

    in some of the threads my posts would just vanish and the b4 and after i posted were displayed with lil old me being left out . later if i check , i am able to see my post . is there a glitch in the board . i had a screen shot showing my post vanishing and appearing almost hours later . will try...
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