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  • Hello Sam,
    I'm planning for a mobile purchase.. Please help me in deciding.. I want a mobile which can be used for the next two years at least.. Any OS is fine.. But I don't want to compromise on call quality.. I use what's app extensively and do little browsing.. Gaming is not a concern.. My budget is 10k. Kindly suggest a suitable phone
    I have asked my uncle to take it to service center instead, had it not been in warranty then I would have done the flashing.
    Anyways thanks for your help.
    yep , saw the app yesterday,
    I didnt take it to service center as it was showing yellow triangle, I thought they wont provide warranty as its rooted so got the whole OS installed at local shop. The guy didnt install any new apps. But after getting it home, a update was available and I updated. After the update, settings wont open. I have tried Hard Resetting 2 times, but still no result.
    the message I get is: 'unfortunately settings has stopped'
    so flashing it and the triangle showing up would mean no warranty. Is it so?

    now its having another problem, it says 'Settings has stopped' settings wont even open. what to do now?
    I have already tried hard reset but it doesnt work. Actually I didnt know but I had connected the phone to PC via data cable and run RootGenius on PC and it rooted the phone. So, when I did a factory reset mobile didnt go further after setting up google account.
    I was in a hurry so I got it serviced at a local repairing shop. Now everything seems fine.
    The way I had rooted, would it have void warranty? It was showing a yellow triangle upon boot where samsung was written. Its not showing up now though.
    my uncle's galaxy s duos is not booting up, its getting into a loop where it asks localtion and wifi connection and then goes back to the same loop, please help what to do know,
    I have absolutely no idea about how to flash roms etc
    You can check the specs from GSM Arena too. AFAIK GSM Arena provides correct info.
    Isnt it?
    Some specs in the Mobile Buying Guide are mentioned wrong, take the case of Lenovo A369i, it has a 2MP camera but in the guide its mentioned 5MP+Flash.
    Similarly some other models also have such specs error.
    Please look into it and correct the specs coz its really confusing as specs differ in the Mobile Buying Guide and in the 91mobiles page link.
    hello sam

    I have a one month old pug dog to sale..
    can I post it in our forum's bazaar section , and on my signature ?
    hi sam..fianlly bought my mobile!(A VERY BIG THANX TO YOUR BUYING GUIDE) XPERIA GO..excluded sola bcoz of build quality..(like go is waterproof and dust proof)..for came with android can it be updated to ICS..? will it cause mobile to slow down..?..and what about the custom rom support for this mobile..?..
    but what aboout bravia engine in go..will it not help in a better display..and display quality of sony mobiles has always been good..and since i will be using custom roms..and that too for the first time so i kept g330 aside..and i am buying sony so that i can get a good custom rom support..and other features of go are also worth good like dual core a9, mali 400..i would have gone for xperia u but memory was a major problem and i personally dont like looks of xperia considering these facts..which mobile do you recommend?..
    Yup, specs look good but AFAIK he wont get LG at all. Moreover it costs around 27.5k here so its out for him. So, Xperia SL is the ultimate option IMO.
    Anyways, thanks for your help. ;)
    Damn Man, where do you get such awesome siggy qoutes?
    Copied your smartphone one with your credits in it though :D
    My friend is looking for a good phone around 25k. So, what's best at that budget?
    I have decided about the SONY Xperia SL.
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