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Report Spammers!

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Due to the 180 second wait, its becoming hard to catch spammers by reporting their posts. People often end up reporting the same post multiple times since may report the same thing and waste their 180 second quota.

So I am starting this thread exclusively for reporting spammers.

Just name the spammer here (link to his user info) so that us mods can delete their threads and posts and ban them.

We will remove the user report once the spammer is dealt with.


like discussion of something illegal, etc. That kind of stuff is rare enough to be reported normally using report button. Besides, you don't want to offend any member by publicly reporting him.

2. I suggest keeping a tab on whichever forums you visit often. For example, a gamer can keep track of his favourite gaming forum, a FOSS guy can keep track of the open source section, etc for quick reporting.

3. State the user name and link to his user info page instead of listing user's threads. Since same guy can have many posts, this will save time for us by having to open just one tab in browser.

4. Don't reply to spam threads - this is a serious warning. This way I can delete only ALL of his posts and his threads vanish. If you reply, the thread will not have spam but your post will remain, making it look ugly indeed.

5. READ THIS: http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=80780
It can be helpful in identifying spam, but don't try to be over smart and mark genuine stuff as spam. Besides, that kind of spam is fast disappearing.

6. Don't expect instant action. Mods are also humans. But rest assured, the delay won't be over 24 hours because most of us come online daily.
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I'll keep a tab on the gaming section, as that is where I frequent the most.

Just to be clear, does this include advertising threads as well?
Dude, I said post link to user's page not his thread.

Nyways, action under way


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^^^ You beat me on this one dude. I was about to report this...

I am realizing that removing spam is like shaving no matter how much you shave next morning you have to do it all over again :)!
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