1. ashfame

    domain + wordpress

    I have a blog on blogger right now. I am thinking of buying a .com domain for me ( and free hosting for now (frihost) and setting up a wordpress blog. So please tell me every step. I don't know anything about all this. and i would like to transfer previous posts if i can safely do...
  2. vivekbabbudelhi

    c2d lovers must read

    intels up coming chipsets G 33, G 35 , P35 are new jaw dropper for amd now we must have some posts over it
  3. Stuge

    I'm not a new forum member (my old id is robin234)

    I logged in here after 11-5-2006 and I saw that all my posts count and everything was "0"in my old a/c "Robin234" and I'm not able to post at all .I can't understand what happened to my old posts that I made here:-?:-?..huh :mad:
  4. T

    Trouble with forum

    I am using Opera 9.20 to log into digit forum. But since some time back,I am getting a problem. Whenever I click on any page number in new posts after logging in, the site asks me to login once again. There is no problem with avant, firefox or Flock.
  5. Charley

    How to search for posts or threads that have been copied from forums

    I would like to know how I could find out Posts or Threads that have been ripped or copied from other forums/websites. I know of the google search, but that works only for Threads but not for Posts. Comments are welcome.
  6. aj27july

    Some info about DIGIT

    I have a question for you. Q. What is the maximum number of posts that you can post on thinkdigit forum in a day?? I ask you this because one day when i was posting, my number of posts were not increasing beyond certain number!!! Please tell.
  7. pritish_kul2


    @$$(@&$&^%#@(@. no single member can give me a rep for the hard work of 6 posts, that i compiled from various sites. really dsgusting forum
  8. koolbluez

    Comin soon - Denounce, Next-Gen RSS/Podcast Aggregator

    Screenshots: Splash Screen [Source]
  9. caleb

    Why does the count of my posts remain the same?

    I noticed that for the last 4 or 5 posts that I've posted here it is not adding to my total number of posts i.e. it is stuck at 287 when it should be 291 or 292. I do give enough time between 2 posts and I've even tried logout login and posting but the count still stays the same.
  10. Arsenal_Gunners

    What are thanked posts?

    answer it:D
  11. hailgautam

    Review of Word Press V/s Blogger

    Dashboard: The interface of WordPress was easy for a novice and I was at ease with it instantly. Initially though I fiddled with the WordPress Dashboard and saw the recent happenings about my blog aptly called “Your Stuff”. In the Blogger Dashboard’s got a lot of useless clutter. I was impressed...
  12. cooldip10

    Delete posts..

    Hi guys I want to delete some posts of mine in this forum What's the procedure???
  13. T

    The President of India posts a question on Yahoo Answers

    Didn't see (of course, I did a search) it posted here yet so, posting it.;_ylc=X3oDMTFtMXI2N3ZvBF9TAzI3MTYxNDkEX3MDMzk2NTQ1MTAzBHNlYwNmcm9udCBwYWdlBHNsawNGUC1Ub2RheUludA--?qid=20070112135510AAD7SB8&fr=hp
  14. Manshahia

    How to format text in posts

    guys how can we make our text bold, italic etc written in our posts?
  15. albeinstein

    My Posts

    Any body knows why my posts is not Increasin and its decreasin
  16. Vishal Gupta

    Smiley Xtra 4: A great extension for Firefox to insert smilies in forum posts

    About The Smile Project The Smile Project is an online database of smilies, used by Smiley Xtra 4. All the smilies in the database are submitted by users of The Smile Project, so if you find a smiley you like, don't forget to share it with the rest of us! There are currently 2100 smilies in...
  17. S

    Google Accidentally Sends Virus in Mass E-Mail

    In a sign that quality control problems at Google persist, the Google Video team sent an e-mail to about 50,000 recipients yesterday that may have contained a virus. The e-mail was sent to a discussion list focused on its Google Video blog. "On Tuesday evening, three posts were made to the...
  18. hard_rock

    Import Wordpress Blog posts to Blogger

    Hi Guyz, Last year this time there was great news for us Bloggers. .be domains were given freely to all. Everybody registered a domain and so did I. The validity was for 1year and my domain is going to expire this month. I was blogging on Wordpress. Now I want to shift all those posts to my...
  19. _______

    Adsense help required!!

    Hello all, i run a vbulletin forum web and i wanna place ads like in the screenshot displayed below. How to integrate those google ads in my posts. I have enabled HTML also but its not working when i paste the adcode in to the post. Thank you in advance.
  20. liquid_nitrogen88

    (((((All Sims Related Posts Here)))))

    I am a great fan of sims n would like to start this thread to share ideas,problems,solutions,screenshots,stories n any stuff on sims with all my pals here who r sims fans.........
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