1. Faun

    Eye Care and Glasses Thread V1: Life in HD

    Thought of starting this thread. Post your glasses and the cool stuff to keep your eyes shiny! I will post my glasses here. tkin add your views. I am not able to see the posts where you explained in depth about glasses.
  2. sling-shot

    Reddit India - is there a way to get an explannation for a ban/get it revoked?

    I have had a recent misfortune of getting banned on Reddit. I am new to Reddit and been using for the last few days only. I got one of my posts deleted for being not totally India specific (they will take only India focused posts) but after that suddenly I got a message that I was banned but no...
  3. Anorion

    facebook manipulates emotions of 600000 users by choosing negative, positive words in newsfeed

    Even online, emotions can be contagious - tech - 26 June 2014 - New Scientist
  4. snap

    R.I.P The Offtopic thread

    Reasons for having/reopening offtopic thread: Rules of the offtopic thread which were broken so the thread got locked :(
  5. avinandan012

    RIP freedom of speech

    Maharashtra police to crack whip on those who ?like? offensive Facebook posts - The Times of India
  6. Nanducob

    how to increase your post count tutorial

    due to the fact that i totalling nearly 1000 posts i a here to publish the secrets of increasing posts in forum. i was a loser before i had ony less than 69 posts people would hate me because i looked like a noob with 100 posts. I was depressed had no girlfriend and was mental...
  7. kg11sgbg

    A help please regarding entry into the site

    I wonder why I am unable to browse or enter into the site posted in the magazine digit. The link being :--->***** (here ***** refers to any article or fact or posts or whatsoever). How to enter the link and how do I read them? Please Help @TDF Friends.
  8. R

    Computer Science or electronic and communications to become a good programmer?

    Hi, Thread title seems to be weird, I will explain.. Actually, I am thinking about whether I should take ECE or CS, in order to become an advanced programmer. What I meant by advanced programmer is that who can develop driver for hardware, kernels for OS's or even a normal software. With just...
  9. gdebojyoti

    Algorithms for social networking sites?

    I am developing a social networking site for my college and I need some algorithms for it. For example - showing 'N' recent "posts" from "friends", displaying "posts" with "comments", showing list of online "friends", etc. Is there any site/ blog which deals with this? It will be great if...
  10. stellar

    Alternative to Ctrl+ F

    I have a list of posts, i made and I think many of it has been repeated. And it's tiresome to find doing Ctrl +F. Is there a software which finds the same listed posts and let one knows.
  11. furious_gamer

    The Ultimate Debate, Discussion and Fight Thread For Offtopic Posts!

    After seeing Killing Piracy thread, theserpent gave an idea to create this thread, where we debate about all off-topic posts and no need to disturb mods. So mods, this is just for off-topic debates and please take it lightly. Let's brag about Piracy and blah,blah here. :D
  12. RCuber

    Why do you visit TDF??

    Questions says it all.. I'v been visiting TDF from the year 2003, and in 2004 became a member :P User CP is the first bookmark in my browser and I try to read and reply if possible all new posts post. basically i'm addicted to TDF from a loooong time. But I do take breaks once in a while...
  13. shaurya.malik88

    Facebook Post Promotion

    Facebook has rolled new feature - some of you might have already noticed it - to promote your posts to your friends. Facebook started with the idea that you will be able to share what you want with your friends - they why suddenly start charging money for it? Facebook is attacking the very...
  14. CommanderShawnzer

    The Digit Artists

    this thread is dedicated to all kinds of art :Painting,Concept Art,sketching,digital art etc incase you are posting 100% your own art please put any form of identification on your posts
  15. K

    How to overclock my E2140 Processor, and a suitable motherboard for it.

    Yes, I did see other posts, but they did not tell me HOW to exactly do it, and I had a few doubts 1)The posts suggested that I can simply increase my FSB in the BIOS menu. If that is locked, how to unlock it? 2)Somewhere else I read that if I change some jumpers connected to the processor...
  16. revolt

    Posts getting deleted.

    These days i have observed that my posts are not taken in a good sense.People are just going on deleting my post.I dont know why. I just want this forum free of useless arrogant stupid noob spammers.
  17. N

    Need suggestion about buying two 500GB internal HDD.

    what is current price of 500GB/1TB internal HDD from Seagate and WD? When I inquired at local store they told me Seagate/WD 500 GB is around 3.7k(External not Internal). But I read in some old posts that price of 1TB was ~2.7k couple months ago.So what is this big leap of 1000 Rs. for half of...
  18. asingh

    Spam Volume on TDF

    Guys, Couple of weeks back, our admin Ico enabled the 10 post moderation mandate for new joinees. Due to this spam posts should be 0.00% or near to it. Talking about new ID's or new posters. Have you guys this to be positive. Have you seen any spam posts by new log in ids. We need this...
  19. R

    Suggestions for UPS

    Hi, Can anyone please suggest an UPS for the following system configuration? 1. AMD Phenom II x6 1055t 2. Gigabyte GA-880G-UD3H 3. G.Skill Ripjaws F3-12800CL9S-4GBRL 4. Corsair VX450W 5. Cooler Master Elite 430 6. 500GB seagate SATA 7. 24" LED AOC monitor I read some posts and it...
  20. tkin

    Rashi Woes!!

    Hey guys, I had decided to write a big smash up mail to asus and xfx about rashi service in Kolkata as well as abroad, so will you guys help me? I need: 1. Post in this thread, giving as much detail of the problem as possible, model no, date of rma claim, hassles if any, time taken, and...
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