1. Godoftheforbiddenlight

    Beyerdynamic DTX 102 iE

    Has anybody else noticed , these are selling for 2k in amazon ? are these real ?
  2. V

    Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1 TB

    Hi Friends, I have a seagate backup plus slim 1tb that i had purchased some months ago. I haven't used it a lot but from the very first day i have noticed that the cable connector that connects to the HDD does not clip on very firmly. I have to apply very little pressure to connect or remove...
  3. A

    should i buy more ram?

    I have a Laptop HP G6-1318ax It's configuaration is AMD 3305m,2 GB RAM,AMD 7450m Gpu. My total ram is 1513 mb. Whenever i try to run heavy apps like kzb.archiver or if i use internet or any games the ram gets full and i am unable to run any other software or even it frezzes when i try to open...
  4. sahil1033

    Nexus 7 (2012) Tablet charging problem

    I bought Nexus 7 (2012) 16 GB in December 2013 and everything was working fine until I noticed that charging is taking too long. Infact, I started playing game on it while charging and noticed that battery dropped down by 1%. I'm clueless what has happened to the tablet. Help please.
  5. 7shivam9

    PSU Fan Replacement.

    I have almost 4year old PSU. Its Odyssey 230v. Problem is that, its FAN isn't working anymore. It was not working since 2-3 months but I didnt knew that :o One day while cleaning PC I noticed a LOT of Dust on its wings... it was doubtful. One day I Open'd my Cabinet,Took out PSU , Kept it out...
  6. akash22

    3.93 gb usable in 64 bit os

    Guys, I am using win 7 64 bit os and 4x2gb ddr3 ram ... bt recently i noticed that it is only using 3.93 gb ram.why is that??
  7. I

    HCL Monitor Flickers

    I have a HCL LED Monitor and it was working fine until today. When i switched on my PC i noticed some green blotches ont the welcome screen and when my desktop screen came i noticed green flickering dots on it. It bothered me but i ddnt take any notice, but i noticed that it was affecting my...
  8. krishnandu.sarkar

    What if someone pays CC Bill by the same or other CC?

    Well, the thread title says everything, just got my bill yesterday, and while paying, this thing came to my mind. What if someone keeps paying the bill by the same CC or some other CC(if that person have multiple CC's)? In this way, he can use the loophole forever, and can never pay bank...
  9. justme101

    CPU Cooler!!!

    Hii guys.. So i recently bought NZXT Lexa S!! :-D and after 4 hours i managed to hook dismantle and re assemble my entire PC from the old cabinet!! (Pics to come) :-) But i noticed that the stock CPU cooler for my processor was hanging from the motherboard with only one good leg and the rest...
  10. T

    Seagate Hard Drive SMART Problems

    I have a 1.5 year old Seagate ST500DM002 500GB hard disk.. Recently I have noticed that the reallocated sector count has been increasing.. I noticed it was 320. then 328 and now 348.. Is the drive going bad ? I think this drive has only 1 year warranty. So should I replace it with a new one...
  11. Nerevarine

    DVD Writer woes

    Yesterday i burned 4 Moserbaer Pro discs, on my ASUS DRW5ST DVD Writer and all of them completed successfully, but the disc fails to open.. I tried burning with Alcohol 120% and IMGBurn, but the results are the same :(.. Is it because of my writer or is this just a bad batch.. Also someting i...
  12. A

    PC Not booting

    I am having a Intel DP35DP Motherboard with Intel Q9550 CPU and Nvidia 250 Graphics card system. PSU iof 450 W. The system was running fine till last week. Suddenly I noticed some fault in the Graphics card driver. I tried to reload the driver but it failed indicating that no Nvidia card is...
  13. Z

    Are there any good upcoming android phones in the next two months?

    After my 5 year old Nokia e51, I was planning finally upgrade (Actually, its fallen down so many times little pieces started coming out of the phone. Still working mind you, bless that Nokia durablity :D ) I noticed the Xpera Ion is coming out soon to India, but I just noticed the specs of...
  14. RBX

    Sleeping Laptop

    I have a Dell L502X with Windows 7 Home Premium. My power settings are such that laptop would never go to sleep while on AC, and if I close the lid, only screen is supposed to be turned off. If I close the lid, and keep it that way for about 20 minutes, the only way to regain laptop's...
  15. A

    BIOS doesn't let me undervolt..

    Configuration mentioned in siggy. I borrowed a spare HDD from one of my friends today and got my computer up running.. booted into BIOS, and switched to advanced mode.. was checking if everything was alright when I noticed that CPU Vcore was 1.446V and temperatures were 51C in BIOS :cryeyesout...
  16. NoasArcAngel

    Torrent Ban affecting latencies?

    Is it just me or have you guys noticed reduced latencies to servers because of the torrent BAN?
  17. Anish

    Tamil in Arkham!!!

    Hello, Have any of you noticed this while playing arkham asylum?
  18. P

    Who is using my wifi connection?

    hi guys, i have a mtnl wifi connection and recently it has been very slow (and most of you would have noticed that according to my isp, my passcode for wep settings would be lame!!) .... i noticed that some people have shifted in next to me, and due to my isp's "ADVICE" i should not change the...
  19. Ronnie11

    Black Lines on Nokia N82 Screen...

    Hey guys,i noticed this morning that there are some black lines which are horizontal & in the shape 'F'...It wasn't there yest & i noticed it this morning when i answered a call...what is this black lines??Any other n82 users experienced this..are these dead pixels?Its been 2 years & 1 month...
  20. Scott274

    Getting PC Sound From CDROM Headphone Jack

    Since long my desktop speakers don't work too properly. So now I am quite used to attaching my headphone to the audio jack at the back of the PC for sound. I also always noticed that my CD-ROM at the front has a headphone jack too. Is it possible to use it to get general PC audio or is that jack...
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