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  • ok buddy 1 more question, price of corsair cx430v2 ? or any other psu that can handle E5700 and 6770 without sweating...
    DAMN FLIPKART.. it increased 430 v2 from 2200 to 2536 and now to 2751 :s :s :/
    hello bro i m from sbp , can u tell me the price of sapphire radeon 6770 in bbsr?
    If possible pls check if anyone sells oem cards too.. Cuz they are cheaper than retail packing....also if sapphire n/a then other brands.. 5770/6770
    "Use ant killing powder in all corners of your room and around your house. Also, disassemble your cabinet (remove everything like motherboard, HDD etc) and spray mortein or hit. Let it dry for 8-10 hours. Then put the parts back."

    Won't it affect my board? pls reply.
    HD 6850 Cyclone is also avilable at flipkart for around 9.3k. You can get it from 'em too.
    You wont find MSI anywhere :p. You gotta get the card directly from MSI distributor over here. If he charges more, say its available for around 8.6k online with free shipping. He will lower the price to around 9k. BTW how much did they ask for Asus and XFX HD 6850? And are 7 series cards available here now?
    Nope, not that expensive. 9k for HD 6850 Cyclone is just a great deal. And HD 6850 Cyclone is a much better performer than HD 7770 for its price. I dont have any idea about RMA of gigabyte here. Most probably you have to ship the card back to SMC for RMA. Only Asus and XFX are available here and have service. MSI also has service here. So, go with MSI if you wanna buy locally.
    There are plenty of good headphones within 2.5K range but I doubt that any of them are available in Bhubaneswar. One thing you can do, place order from M.D. Computer in Kolkata as they have extensive range of audio products. My suggestion is Sennheiser Headset - Model PC 131, available within 2.5K. In BBSR, visit Gadget World near Meghdoot Hotel.
    oh, really sorry. Actually good headphones mean logitech, Creative and Philips here. Its very hard to find razor and steel series here. I m not much aware of good logitech head phones.
    BTW u just PM vivkybat and cilus regarding this. They have better idea abt audio devices than me. Vickybat is from cuttack and cilus stays here in BBSR. They can help you.
    I cant even go to saheed nagar now as i m very busy these days. If you can then call gadget wrld in saheed nagar regarding. Thats a very good shop and will give u only good products 4 ur price.

    I m really sorry that i am unable 2 hlp U.
    I'm not sure about the price in BBSR as I normally purchase from Kolkata, my home town. Will enquire here if I can find price over here.
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