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  • I would recommend soundmagic pl-11 from pristinenote.com for Rs650... it's a great IEM at that price... It's available for Rs 900 in flipkart
    @justme101, you don't have to flash a custom ROM after rooting. You can continue to use your stock ROM. Rooting only gives you super user rights to make changes to the system folder on the phone. Regular users are not allowed to make changes to the system folder because if some important file is deleted, then the system won't boot.

    Rooting is safe. Its just for those extra permissions... converting user to super user...

    It is true that rooting a phone voids its warranty. Your phone file system could get harmed irreversibly if you are not careful. But these days, its relatively easy, if you take all the precautions.

    And if you need to use warranty service, just unroot your device, which is also easy. I don't know how to root and unroot HTC Explorer. Each phone has its own unique method. You should check XDA forums for more information about hacking your phone...

    Here is a tutorial on how to Root HTC Explorer -- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1415223

    Proceed with caution...

    The price is okay, around 300 bucks higher. BTW, if you can spend around 11K then get the Zotac GTX 560 (non Ti) version at 10.6K. It's performance is comparable with HD 6870 and is definitely better than 6850.
    Hmm, in Kolkata, you can get Corsair CX 430 V2 at 2.3K which is at the same league of FSP SAGA II 500W + 80+ certification + extra 1 yrs of warranty + legendary service by Corsair.

    If you want future proof solution then better get a HD 6850. I think you can grt the stock model at 8/8.2K
    Hi justme101, Subho Bijoya to you.

    Yes, theitwares is a very reliable shop and you can go make Online purchase from them. Their shipping is also fast and the shipping charge is minimal. In my case the charge was only Rs 50.
    Quikr is quite simple site to sell.Just post your monitor with pics, and give your mobile no. so that potential customer can contact.You can give your monitor to customer home or you can ask him to pick up...thats it.
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