1. M

    @function of numeral 2 of key board not working

    can some one suggest the remedy for the above. whenever I type @,while pressing capslock or shift key only "2" is being typed always. is it a hardware problem?
  2. Allu Azad

    Does this mean I have Hardware Conflicts ?

    System information ( msinfo32.exe ) shows this in the conflicts tab . Does this mean i have hardware conflicts ? If yes how to solve this ?
  3. sam9953

    Safely Removal Hardware reads SD card but not showing in My Computer

    Hi guys, when I put in my micro SD card along with my SD card adapter, my laptop is gives the "sound" when a new hardware is attached but nothing shows up in My Computer, though it shows the option for removal from Safely Removal Hardware. What can I do?
  4. B

    onlin purchase

    gys can u suggest me som decent sites for purchasing cmputer hardware
  5. R

    Memory Management BSOD error.

    So suddenly from this morning i have been getting memory_management BSOD errors and it comes up randomly. There error code i get is STOP: 0x0000001A , i have searched google for the solution and not come across anything precise that has to be done. My Specs can be seen in my...
  6. S

    Cpu, mobo & ram upgrade.

    1. Q: What is your budget? a. 25k 2. Q: What is your existing hardware configuration? a. Intel core2 duo e8400, MSI p45 neo mobo, transcend 3*1gb ddr2 ram, corsair vx550, zotac gtx460 1gb, nzxt gamma, view sonic 1918 wm, WD320gb, coolermaster N620. 3. Q: Which hardware will you be...
  7. D


    Can a modem/router be used to set up wifi connection without any additional hardware?
  8. A

    USB 3.0 suport to be added to MOBO .. please Suggest

    I have bought WD 1 TB potable 3.0 HDD @ reliance digital @ Rs 6K last week. Now i need to add-on hardware for usb3.0 to my MOBO @ minimum cost ... please suggest with cost... :) Rgds, AH
  9. K

    TV as wireless monitor of laptop

    I have Dell inspiron 9300 Laptop and 40" Sony Bravia EX 520 LED TV. I want to use TV as wireless monitor of my laptop (Laptop & TV in different rooms). What hardware and or software are required to achieve this?
  10. NoasArcAngel

    post your gaming hardware !

    I am starting this thread so that we can post about the gaming hardware we own like mouse , headphones and keyboard , mouse pads. make a list of good and bad for future reference for others and discussion @ TDF. Mouse : intelli 3.0 [5/5] steel series kinzu [2/5] razer...
  11. S

    Nvidia geforce gt 630m

    i have a hp dv6 7010tx equipped with NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 630M.... . i downloaded nvidia 301.42WHQL driver for it...during installation it shows hardware nt supported while according to official site it should !! what to do???
  12. abhishek00990

    cheapest 1 Ghz android phone??

    Hello digit. Been a fan for over four years. Would like to know of the cheapest android my money can buy. I am not looking for a good camera or facebook integration, just a 1ghz processor, ample RAM, and hardware qwerty if possible. Brand namess don't matter. Reply soon guys. Running out of time.
  13. M

    Hardware priority list according to Software - A Suggestion

    I have been seeing for many years in various forums that many buyers are confused about the priority to be given to a particular hardware for the software they use/want to use. For example hardware suitable for designing purpose may be completely different for a user who wants hardware for his...
  14. jatt

    Laptop shuts down after heat up

    Dear friends, I have Compaq Presario laptop. Here is problem that it heats up very soon after turn on and sometimes gets off without any command. Here is no case of virus like activity I think it’s the case of hardware but please help me here and tell me what I need to do exactly with this...
  15. D

    Laptop for IT support

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 30 - 40K 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Thin and Light; 13" - 14" screen 3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? a. Like: Blacklit keyboard or a light to work in darkness(as some...
  16. A

    Tablets should support multiple OSes.

    Nowadays,for tablets,either the software and hardware manufacturers are the same(like apple ipad) or there are tie-ups between 2 companies(like in samsung) and as a result all of them are coming preloaded with OSes.I think tablets should support multiple OSes which can be removed and...
  17. desiJATT

    Need a Voice recording Microphone for PC.

    Hello guys, i am in a need of a good Voice recording Microphone for my PC. I have no idea where to buy them, and don't even know how much they cost. I just want to record some of my songs at home without much hassle. Need a basic setup, will probably use Audacity for recording and editing...
  18. Z

    Gaming center hardware advice

  19. vickybat

    PS4 and Xbox 720 Graphics Specs leaked

    This is an interesting piece of information guys. The ps4 is all set to feature desktop class hardware and everything from cpu to gpu is going to be amd. The cpu is going to be an A8 3850 quadcore with a radeon 6550 integrated. Not only this, ps4 will also get a discrete gpu i.e a radeon 7670...
  20. RiGOD

    PC Component prices after Budget 2012

    Will there be considerable changes (hike/drop) in pc hardware prices based on the current budget?
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