1. A

    Want To Buy A New PC @ Budget Of 1 Lakh Rupees | Urgent

    Hey guyz, I wanna buy a brand new PC & need your expert help in putting together a config. Thanx in advance for all those who reply........ 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? Ans: I play heavy games and at the same time i have...
  2. A

    BITCOIN MINING : Has anybody tried it ?

    I was wondering whether anybody has tried Bitcoin mining on their PC's ?, If yes has anybody been successful ? I have heard that the mining algorithm's require a powerful GPU, and nowadays even laptops come with good GPU's so I don't think hardware would be a problem for anyone ? Do share...
  3. T

    Minimum Hardware Requirements for Video Calling

    Hello, I am looking for a mobile device that is capable of streaming high quality video calls using Skype, Hangout etc. In this post I focus on only one aspect - The Hardware Requirement. Please let me know the Minimum Hardware Requirements for a mobile device (smartphone, tablet) to be able...
  4. avichandana20000

    Win 7 installation problem

    my brother has a COMPAQ PRESSARIO laptop with the following configurations: CQ56-115DX 15.6" (250 GB, AMD V140, 2.3 GHz, 2GB DDR3) It has come with WIN 7 HOME BASIC 64 BIT preinstalled. Due to certain problems in OS the same has been formatted and a fresh copy of installation was...
  5. I

    Shall I upgrade my desktop for running Windows 8?

    Hi, I have an age old desktop computer (assembled in early 2007) with the following configuration: Processor: Intel Pentium D Hard Disk: 80GB Seagete RAM: 512MB It's out of service for last 6 months almost because of some problem in mother-board. The mother-board is an AsRock...
  6. D

    external hdd performance in Mac(good) - windows(not so much)

    External hdd performance - Seeing 65-70mb/s write speed when writing thru Mac and with windows(tried on 2 hardware rigs) it goes max to 25MB/s. and I know both mac/win7 hardware in not USB 3.0 compatible. Possibly what could explain this ?
  7. R

    New Hardware Set Up

    :-D Hey guys, I will be purchasing a HD 7870 from SP road today, i have a few questions about setting up my new card and bios settings so pls help me. As of now this is what i would do 1.ground the PSU and install the card and the power pins, and connect to my monitor. 2.switch on the...
  8. N

    Query regarding Samsung NP300E5V-S02IN

    Hello all ! So I was thinking of buying Samsung NP300E5V-S02IN (Samsung NP300E5V-S02IN Laptop (3rd Gen Ci3/ 4GB/ 750GB/ DOS/ 1GB Graph) - Samsung: Flipkart.com) that fits my budget of 40k, mainly because its got the 8750m gpu. All other laptops in that price range have either 7670m or 8670m...
  9. A

    VAT Rates Charge in Delhi

    helo frnds, pls tell me how many % VAT and taxes charge on computer hardware in nehru place market in Delhi by shopkeepers
  10. S

    Laptop in range of 25K-30K

    Laptop in range of 25K-35K Hello, This post I am writing on behalf of my friend, who tried to register on this site but could not post as the activation mail did not appear in her inbox as well as spam. To put it briefly she wants to buy a laptop in range of 25K to 30K. She has a sister...
  11. curioustechy

    RAID configured high performance PC

    We are planning to buy a high end system for our office... We are not interested in a server, but the purpose is almost that required of a server. Around 20 computers will be connected to this system. A lot of storage space is required for storing a lot of files. A tailor made web based content...
  12. harshilsharma63

    Other tech forums

    Hi everyone. I'm curremtlly onlu on TDF, but I also want to be on other tech forums too. What other forums do you use or know of? Apart from Erodov and Tom's hardware.
  13. R

    robotics and computer hardware club

    i don't really know what section of the TDF does this go into but i think this is the closest. i'm starting a robotics and comp. hardware club in my school. i already know about NEX kits and picaxe components in robots but i need ideas for projects related to this stuff. i also knowhow to...
  14. T

    Career in Hardware and Networking

    Hi everyone,:) Iam really in big confusion regarding my career.I have very good and deep interest in computer stuff specially hardware and networking.i have also good knowlegde in c++ and linux also..But issue is iam currently im doing b.com :banghead: ,now in first year .Do you think i can...
  15. C

    Windows 7 PC freezing for 10-15 minutes on start-up

    Hi there, My Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit) PC is freezing up for 10-15 minutes on startup. It was giving this problem after it was kept idle for 3 months. I recently changed my computer Hardware but the problem persists with old hardware aswell. The hardware that I changed includes : Corsair vs...
  16. B

    Hardware stores in Pune

    I want to buy ZOTAC NVIDIA GeForce GTX660 and Seasonic S12II 520 watts psu. Are there any reliable and cheap hardware stores in Pune? or should I buy them from flipkart?
  17. isenberg

    God book on Computer

    Please suggest me a good book on computer. Not programming book. A genral book which covers brief history of computer,a general idea of programming, hardware etc. from a broader perspective. It doesn't have to be one book. I am not talking about the ABC of computer, or a book for non...
  18. M

    Hardware price list & Specific Hardware

    Hi, I am looking a Desktop Machine. I will install window server 2013,SharePoint Server 2013, SQL Server 2012, Visual Studio 2012 & some other Software. Please, tell me,what is the Machine Configuration for my requirement. I have budget 45 K for Machine. 1. What is the purpose of the...
  19. N

    List of best computer hardware shops in Nehru Place, New Delhi

    Please provide me a list of the best computer hardware shops in Nehru Place IT Hub, New Delhi. Best shop in terms of 1. Price (cheap & reasonable) 2. Product Availability 3. Product Variety 4. After purchase service 5. Also those you shops you prefer Regards:-D
  20. J


    Dear Users, I have a machine (2kVA) which I am running with a UPS system of 3kVA capacity. I used this machine at certain places and it works well but at one particular client's place it switches to UPS for power supply as soon as turned ON. What could be the possible reason for this. I am...
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