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  1. A

    hard drive problem

    Hello guys; Recently my sister's laptop malfunctioned. We took it to a shop (guarantee period has expired). The technician tried to format the system but couldn't do it. He said the hard drive was malfunctioning. After replacing the hard drive the problem persisted and according to the...
  2. I

    Online Video Mixing

    Hello frnds! I need help regarding Professional Capturing & Mixing Card! I am currently using AVID LIQUID STUDIO for capturing and offline video editing.. But, I need some setup for online mixing.. (on the spot mixing {adding effects, trasitions} videos from 3 or 4 sources).. I just...
  3. pramudit

    Reasons not to buy cheap andros

    Here are the reasons why you shouldn't buy "le cheap andros"... 1. Battery the cheap indian andros dont have battery more than 3.5hrs and some even have less than 2hrs talktime.... 2. Service the service of indian brands is pathetic... give them the phone and forget it for at least a...
  4. N

    Building a NAS storage

    I have some old hard disk drives which are lying idle since my old PC hardware crashed to the point of no recovery. I am considering building a NAS storage from these for my home. Any pointers on how to come up with one with minimal investment on new hardware?
  5. A

    Motherboard for C2D E4400

    I need a motherboard for my old E4400@2.0GHz, mainly for overclocking. I have read in several forums that E4400 can be OC'd to 3.0 GHz+ with the help of required hardware. Current MoBo: 945GZM-S2 rev-3.x EDIT: Budget 3-4k. Should be mATX
  6. S

    PC for 20k (strechable by 3k) for basic home use and 2D artwork.

    Hi. I want to get a PC for home for my parents and sister. It will be used for Internet browsing, movies AND importantly, lots of Photoshop work/ image editing and stuff. I think that modern integrated graphics cards can handle 2D stuff, right? I want this to run the above mentioned stuff...
  7. P

    need suggestion in buying external harddisk

    Hi, i need to buy external usb HDD 1 tb with out powercable ,what are the factors that i have to look in , i mean hardware factors?
  8. A


    An Indian online buying website offering PC Hardware?
  9. T

    Dell warranty extension Help

    I need little help my laptop Inspiron 15R and is 1yr old and warranty will expire in next 2-3 days. I called one of the dell representative They told me charges for warranty extension for 1yr Rs 5000 only hardware warranty and for 2yr Rs 9000 hardware warranty is it good deal??
  10. MetalheadGautham

    Nokia 5130 "contact service" error

    My Nokia 5130 XpressMusic bricked around a month back and says "Contact Service" when I start it and instantly shuts down. This happened abruptly, and was not triggered by an update or an application. I was using it, signal dropped to zero for an hour, battery was low so I switched it off and...
  11. Cool Buddy

    PC Upgrade on a tight budget

    So my PC can't take it anymore. It is still running but switching between Opera and Firefox takes about 3-4 seconds. So it pretty much reminds me of my old 800 Mhz PC with 256 MB RAM. Anyways, it seems I will be upgrading it soon. Having been a little away from the hardware scene for a while...
  12. socrates

    Windows Phone hardware requirements relaxed

    Windows Phone hardware requirements relaxed | News | TechRadar
  13. MyGeekTips

    Office Rig X2 For Father

    My Father want's to buy two new system for his office. Help me in deciding the config as per his budget. Sorry For Using TE Template. Just did a copy paste. Q: What is your budget? 15K for a single PC Total: 30K (Little Extendable) Q: What is your existing hardware configuration...
  14. Renny

    UPS Query.

    Config:- FSP Saga II 500W SMPS AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (2.0GHz) MSI K8MM-V Motherboard, 2x80mm Fans 2x1 GB DDR1 400MHz RAM Geforce 7300GT CPU (AGP) Benq G2222HDL Monitor LG CD/DVD Writer Seagate 1TB HDD (7200.12, SATA) PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse DLink DWA-125 USB WiFi Adapter Windows 7 Ultimate...
  15. D

    Huaewi e173 3g modem problem

    got a unlocked huawei E173 3G modem but when i plug it first it shows as huawei modem detected and shows a problem occurred during hardware installation .your hardware will not work properly:sad: and the modem appears as usb device not getting detected
  16. justme101

    Troublesome XP...!! HELP !!

    My friend has a computer which is aroun 7 years old. From the past two years it's gone berserk and keeps giving him trouble on a regular basis. It's mostly the OS. It has been formatted and reinstalled numerous times but it keeps coming back with different problems. sometimes it keeps...
  17. V

    Please check my PC Temperatures, Are they Normal?

    Hi Below is a screenshot of Open Hardware Monitor of my PC Temperatures. I am having Zebronics Bijli Cabinet having 1 Front LED Fan(Intake), 1 fan at the back(Exhaust), 2 fans on side panel (Top is Intake, Other is exhaust), I also have Sapphire Radeon HD 6750 1GB GFX Card, also stock AMD CPU...
  18. sushan

    device not working properly in Non-plug and play driver

    Below are yellow exclaimed in device manager: This device is not present, is not working properly, or does not have all its drivers installed. (Code 24) Device type: Non-Pulg and play driver Manufacturer Unknown Location Unknown mpksl72fc8936 mpksl7782eebb mpksl24c4e0e6...
  19. Gaurav265

    Help me buying an android tablet

    I want to buy an android tablet.my budget is under 12k.my requirement is as follows--- 1-use for calling 2-good hardware for apps and games 3-video calling(if possible) plsss help me guys. I am waiting for your response............
  20. K

    Windows XP unsuitable for latest hardware ?

    I'm doing a dual boot with win xp sp3 & win 7 on a recently built custom PC, running amd phenom ii x4 955 / a mid-range asus motherboard / 1 TB + 0.5 TB drives / 4 gb ram. Whenever I boot into windows xp, everything starting from accessing the control panel / system properties / installations...
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