1. R

    Computer Hardware Prices will increase 5% by Year’s End

    While Indian Govt’s efforts to decreasing IT Hardware prices by launching World’s Cheapest 35$ Price Tablet , Computer Hardware Prices will increase 5% by Year 2010 end. The reason behind price increase is increased demand of Laptop & Desktop PCs and shortage of Hardware. Some chinese...
  2. W

    pc configuration within 30K with good graphic card for gaming...

    any suggestions? or can some one give me a link to latest hardware prices in india?
  3. I

    Chip Level Courses

    Hello to all :wave: My cousin completed his 10+2 education & is eager in pursuing Chip Level courses. He is keen on learning & subsequently refining himself in the field where he gets to work with every Hardware component :smile: He asked me to find out a suitable programme with a desired...
  4. vwad

    Assemble yourself or get it the usual way ?

    Hello, I have not learned anything related to hardware at all. But I see people offering videos regarding how to assemble the PC on youtube. How much reliable these videos are for a total novice like me to follow ? I mean should I try assembling myself with the help of different videos...
  5. Davidboon

    Suggest a gaming/animation Config for 75k

    Well i am going to join my animation institute in august and i want to assemble a PC for Animation and gaming . i already have some experience in assembling but you guys are better at this job than me . please suggest me a config that can run 3+ years . I will be buying the hardware from...
  6. detoknight

    Hardware authenticity - sp road

    I am going to sp road(bangalore) tomorrow to get a new pc assembled. How trust worthy are the vendors there. Now,should i be aware of any bogus shops there? I need to be absolutely sure that he gives me what i had asked.how do i know that what he gives is the real deal. Is there any...
  7. M

    Overclocking getting failed

    Hello, this is my first post to digit.digit help me lot in many ways regarding hardware and software.i am buying digit for past 1 year and i am a big fan of your.you all are doing a great job. My pc configuration core2duo e7300 2.66ghz 1066fsb,motherboard asrock g31m-s,2gb dynet ram,power...
  8. M

    Multi-Purpose Build - 60k Budget

    Posted this on some other forum-that-must-not-be-named but realised they required post approval and its been a while since so I thought I'll try good ol' thinkdigit. Q: What is your budget? - About Rs.60K, but can be increased to a maximum amount of Rs.70k. Q: When do you plan to...
  9. avichandana20000


    Is there any site where chronological evolution of hardware parts are given?
  10. R

    Help a hardware noob upgrade

    Guys, I'm a real n00b when it comes to computer hardware. So much so that I don't even know which motherboard I've got (threw away the box, lost the manual). It a 2.66 GHz Intel Pentium 4. I assembled it in 2007 I guess. So which RAM do you think I have? DDR1 or DDR2? I've got 512 MB...
  11. NoasArcAngel

    Guys help me buying a new phone... plz...

    Guys i want a new phone for 5-6k max is 6k requirements : - 3.5mm jack - big screen like 2-3inches - no need for camera - good battery life and call quality - GPRS / EDGE factors that dont matter that much but i would appreciate if the phone has them : - qwerty key pad -...
  12. A

    What should i do when my hardware is of no use.(e waste mgmt)

    Can any body tell me. What to do with hardware like SMPS,Motherboard,Monitor etc? Rather than throwing them around in city slum, are there better ways to manage them? Plz,suggest me something.
  13. ninad_mhatre85

    PC upgrade

    Hi i want to change the processor , mobo & ram of my machine .. there are 2 reasons for it .. 1 ) i use adobe lighthouse which hangs if i select more than 30 photos ... which irritates me 2 ) i am using same hardware for 2 yrs and i guess i need upgrade :) my budget is 15K i need at...
  14. B

    Windows Seven Game Plan

    Microsoft have not made it easy for Windows XP users to move from Windows XP to Windows Seven.It's not possibe to run installation disk and install windows seven on top of windows XP leaving all the files and programme as it is. Instead there are two options a) Clean Install, in which the...
  15. M


    What are drivers? Drivers are small software program that help control devices attached to your computer because drivers enable your operating system and other software to communicate with various hardware devices, controllers, and other peripherals. In other words, drivers work as instruction...
  16. M

    Query on existing hardware

    will a quad core cpu run on my original intel 965 motheraboard if so then which 1????
  17. T

    Upgrade Advice Required

    Hello Frnds, My sister have a 4 year old pc. Config of which is this: AMD Athlon 64bit proccy MSI RS4 mobo 1gb DDR RAM simmtronics lifetime warranty Now she want to sell these 3 and buy new proccy, mobo, ram. Budget is 15k-20k. Can someone suggest me how much can she get after selling these...
  18. S

    Disposing DTH hardware

    Hi I am planning to change from my current DTH Service provider Tatasky to Videocon. I want to know if there will be any refund for the hardware (dish and set top box) if they take it back and if not, whether it is possible to sell it (and what rate can I hope to get for it)... Thanks in...
  19. Admirer Of Digit

    3year old Desktop PC

    :stirpot: I have bought a new :hyper: Lappy so i want ot sell of my old junky Config: :reading: Intel Pentium 4 512MB DDR1 RAM DVD RW 17" Monitor Onboard graphics Plus other hardware as usual included....... :2subs: :mallet: MOD Edit: Read the guidelines below and post more information...
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