1. Hrishi

    Approach Towards Smartphone Usage/Purchasing.

    I have a few questions for the smartphone Users in TDF , that I want to know about.[Honestly , No Fanboys] Most of you are smartphone owners , [some are fanboys too....cough..cough.:p.] I was wondering , what exactly do you guys look forward to ,when comparing/buying or even suggesting a...
  2. X

    Lenovo or Dell? Touch or non-touch?

    Hey all... again, I am confused and cant make up my mind. I am looking for an AIO (all-in-one). Now I have zeroed down on two brands - Dell and Lenovo. What I've heard so far: Dell here in India is just superb. What I personally think: Dell is garbage. The service may be good, but...
  3. K

    Display hardware configuration / specs

    can someone please suggest a good software / benchmark tool that will display detailed hardware configuration / specifications? I want to run this on a friend's laptop.
  4. P

    Blue screen of death!!!

    Hi Guys My configuration is as follows: Core i5 3570 k@stock 3.40ghz with Hyper 212 evo with push Asus P8Z77 V Pro Corsair Vengeance 2*4gb 1600Mhz Corsair TX 650 W Yesterday I was fiddling with Asus AI Suite and used the auto tuning option to overclock which gave me an overclock of 4.2...
  5. D

    Configuration for a server

    I would like to configure a server and need guidance in assembling a server,i do not wish to spend much but at the same time i do not wish to compromise on performance. The purpose for my server would be 1) To run a small network of hardly 5 computers( 3 is a what i have right now) 2) Would...
  6. N

    Hardware or Software to share Internet Connection with bandwidth limitation

    Hi, In my office, I am have a BSNL broadband connection. I have a Wifi Modem. Few of us uses Desktop and laptop, some connects their smart phone too. Now I want to restrict bandwidth on shared connection, either by mean of hardware or software. Some one please help me to do it from...
  7. D

    Valve confirms Steam Box: A Console like PC for living room.

    Source: the verge Anyone excited?
  8. V

    connect laptop to tv?

    how to connect laptop to a TV? i dnt have any high tech tv...just a colour tv with a/v cables(red yellow and white cables)...i also have a tv tuner hardware which might help in connection but i dont know how to do it!
  9. A

    Can SWYPE/Predictive Text/Voice Recognition push Hardware QWERTY to obsolence?

    Now Smartphones have packed lot of ammunition to push out Hardware QWERTY out of the market. of course there nothing comfortable as hardware qwerty but they are taking up space on the gadget. The larger screens of smartphones ofter bigger keys in landscape mode, besides things like SWYPE...
  10. A

    Risks in buying a Phone with Seller Warranty?

    more often we see phones in many shopping sites at much lower prices but for seller warranty or with no warranty whatsoever from ebay etc. But really whats the deal with those phones? one wouldn't mind if they are used second hand phones but what are the chances of it having serious hardware...
  11. darkv0id

    "Refreshing" a USB port- internet dongle probelem

    Okay, I've noticed this really strange thing with my USB dongle (Tata Photon Plus). Whenever I connect the dongle to a USB port that I haven't used before, my PC detects the dongle as new hardware and installs the drivers again.Initially I get comfortable speeds of around 150-220 kBps (which is...
  12. A

    Why Google phones are not a great Success? what should Google do about it.

    Many say iPhone is tightly controlled by Apple, the OS, Hardware etc. Thats one of the reason for OS Smoothness, Strong Brand and helps with marketing. Now when Google tries the same thing with Google Nexus, Galaxy Nexus, the phone is pretty gr8, with pure google experience but sales arent as...
  13. D

    Building a new rig under 25k

    Q: What is your budget? Less than 25k Q: What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) CPU - Intel Pentium 4 2.93 Ghz Motherboard - Gigabyte G31M-ES2L GPU - Nil RAM - 2 GB ddr2 Monitor - HCL monitor 15 inch SMPS - Bestec Model...
  14. S

    My PC Not working properly

    Hi All, I have bought a computer in Feb 2011 , now before a month its not working , the hardware engg. told that its MB ( mother board) is shorted , i replace the MB but my pc works any time means if it works on today 10 am then after i shut down then only monitor blikns there after 1-2...
  15. K

    HTPC build

    What is your budget? 20K Q: What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) Maxtor hard drive 160 GB Monitor - Sony Bravia 46 inch Cabinet - Zebronics flair SMPS - The one which come with the cabinet Speakers - 5.1 Fenda 6000 with analog...
  16. R

    Gameplay recorder?

    Hello guys,actually i want to record my gameplay in Ghost Recon Online.I tried some software like Bandicam and Fraps,but the screen is flickering while recording with them.I searched in google and found that this problem is caused by hardware acceleration and disabling it will minimize the...
  17. R

    please suggest me good gaming configuration

    my budget is around 30-35k. i am in chennai. i already got the quotation for gaming desktop rs 31,000. I would like to play future games like gta 5, upcoming games. here after i don't want to change my pc configuration for 3 years Below is my list of configurations: intel i5 2nd gen 500 gb...
  18. C

    What is the price I can get?

    Please tell me the approx amount I can sell my pc for... Config- Pentium D 2.00GHz Msi 945GCM7-L 1 GB DDR2 kingston 800MHz 160 GB HDD SATA 2 XFX ATI READON HD 4360 frontech cabinet and power supply frontech stereo speakers, keyboard and mouse Samsung B1930 19" lcd HD...
  19. sanny16

    unable to use bluetooth in lappy win7 32 bit

    I installed bluesoir software so that i can use the bluetooth to connect devices. After installing the software when i run it , it says bluetooth hardware not available. But i have bluetooth working in windows vista then why is it not working in win 7?
  20. A

    Windows not starting after major PC upgrade

    Hi Digitians, My windows is not starting after a major Hardware upgrade. Actually i only retained HDD & mouse and everything else is new. When I start windows I see blue screen (BSOD) just during initial windows load, and doesn't stays for me take down the error number. Then during next...
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