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  • Hi friend

    I seek an advice from you. currently looking for a second PC within 25k. I came across techenclave sale thread and found this deal for 21.5k. Is it worth? The seller may not negotiate further. I want the PC for photoshop/very rare &light gaming.

    i5 3570k & Gigabyte b75m-D3h -16000 / 8gb Kingston HyperX Blu(8x1 -4850/ Circle cabby with 400 PSU -1150 / LG DvD RW -800 / Seagate 500GB

    If you suggest to get it, can u advice a graphics card to pair with it?

    Thank you for reading

    Hey how are you?
    last months I was in gurgoan. I could have meet you but you didn't gave your new number :-(
    Hello bro. Hope you are fine.
    I need you suggestion. Please reply to my thread in GPU section.
    And yeah, also PM me your mob. no.
    Soo whats ur plan getting a dslr?? ;-)

    after soo much research i am sure u r ready to get one soon... :D
    But then HD 6850 Cyclone is just some bucks more. So, is the HD 7770 still a better choice?
    But it costs around 10k IMO. I want something say around 7k. And is 7 series available locally now??
    Ok, just got Accel's contact no., they are not picking up the phone, so will try later. BTW I am still unable to compare the cards properly. I am not reading the full reviews as i am busy for exams.
    So, how would you rate these cards: HD 7750, HD 7770, HD 6770, HD 6790 and GTX-550Ti.
    Accel frontline!! Do you know where its in
    BBSR? May be then i can get it directly from
    BTW what other brand products do they sell.
    AFAIK they also handle Seagate RMA.
    In the HW price thread.
    BTW is HD 7750 better than HD 6770?
    What about GTX-550Ti?

    I asked Rashi Asus representative. He told GTX-550Ti would cost around 7k only. Shoul i get it instead?
    Moreover i cant order online from SMC (as i have already explained you earlier). Flipkart is a suitable store coz it has COD option. Also if i do get the Gigabyte one, wont i have problem RMAing it coz of availability of gigabyte products here.
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