1. J

    Is Datacard>PC>WiFi>Wireless devices-connection possible?

    I use a Desktop PC running on Windows Vista x64 and connect to the internet via a datacard(3g and evdo). I don't have a WiFi hardware in my PC. I would like to know if I can share the connection(I understand it is possible on an ethernet connection) on my other wireless devices like laptop and...
  2. deepak_ds

    monitor problem

    I have a 17" Compaq 7540 CRT monitor. It has been a few days that our monitor is showing a really strange problem. Actually I am confused whether it is software problem or hardware problem. So the problem is that the display setting menu of the monitor is automatically displayed sometimes...
  3. Omi

    Hardware Shops in Mumbai

    Guys can you tell me any specific shops in Mumbai who provide Hardware at low costs? I heard many shops are there in lamington road, but the area is too big. will be going to mumbai soon, planning to buy a rig. I currently live in Nagpur where the prices are pathetically high
  4. dashang

    guys need help for final year project

    Guys i m in final year of degree in IT. I have to develop project and i am looking for full Software based project no hardware . I have to submit atleast 3 topics name for project. Guys please help and share some ideas and project
  5. Skud

    Next Generation Console Hardware

    HardOCP has posted a summary of Rumors from E3 about the next gen console hardware. Whereas the picture of Nintendo is clear now, those of MS and Sony are still foggy. So until the final products come out, feed yourself with the news/rumors with a sprinkle of SALT. ;) LINK:- E3 Rumors on Next...
  6. A

    Under 21000/- Android phone

    I'm having a Budget of about 21000/- Please suggest me which is the best Phone in this price range. Best hardware configuration. Best user and multimedia experience. Thanks in advance........
  7. V

    Budget 15000/- Which Android phone should i buy ??

    My Budget is 15000/- only. Please suggest which is the best Phone in this price range. Best hardware config. Best after sales service. Value for money. Thanks in advance
  8. Y

    Softwares donot detect Bluetooth hardware.

    I have Lenovo S10-3C netbook and the OS is Win 7. The netbook does pair up with my E63 mobile through bluetooth. File Transfer and playing music in netbook from mobile is done. But for some softwares viz. Nokia PC Suite, OVI Suite, Outlook Express no Bluetooth Hardware is present. In my desktop...
  9. D

    PC Hardware Buyer's Guide July 2011

    Hello Everyone After Continuously Researching For 2 Months For My Rig My Hardware Knowledge Has Increased To A Very Extreme Level. So I Will Provide Help With My Rig Configs. Hope You Like it. Sorry For Bad English. My Rig Will Be Here In Little Time. Anyone Can Support Me. There Will Be...
  10. S

    Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510 or Motorola Charm

    Hello everyone !!! Dear Pls help me to make decision. Both of these phones have almost similar hardware and software configuration. Both are very good looking. Pls give some suggestion. For which one i should go. Regards
  11. AndroidFan

    Shocking Revealations about Meego from a Nokia Employee

    You've gotta read -- My disagreement with Elop on MeeGo « Felipe Contreras There was very little reason to discard Meego/Maemo...
  12. N

    Problems regarding hardware

    hello sir, my motherboard doesn't support high end games like MotoGp2 or 3 etc.. and on starting usally displays a hardware error like ialmnt driver stopped working normally reboot the system.Why is it so sir? my motherboard configuration...
  13. S

    Migrating to new hardware help

    Hello everybody! A friend of mine has Intel D945GCLF mobo with integrated Atom 230 @ 1.60GHz, 1gb ram and a 320 gb hdd. Is using Win7 64 bit. He has got some new hardware : AMD Athlon X2 3600 Asus M2N68-AM Plus motherboard 2gb ram. Question is will the old os in hdd will boot with...
  14. bhushanm

    Suggest me e-Waste dealers in suburban Mumbai

    A call out to all Mumbaites here. Please suggest me some good/reputed e-waste dealers who will buy my non-working hardware. Preferably one with whom you had a good experience. I have the following e-junk that i want to rid of: Non-Working Hardware: CRT Monitor 17" (working tube) Floppy Drive...
  15. U

    Need to buy Gaming pc

    Hello guys, this was my last thread-> *www.thinkdigit.com/forum/laptops-netbooks-tablets/138845-need-buy-laptop-help-needed-xd.html That time i wanted to buy a laptop but after doing alot of search on net.. i changed my mind and now going to get new pc assembled by end of this...
  16. Sid_gamer

    Guys please Help me OC my i7-920

    Hey everyone, I want to start OC'ing my rig but I am a complete Amateur at it so I would like all of you to help me do it step-by-step.. Also I want to know how can I flash my BIOS as i haven't updated it from the time I purchased my rig.. Regarding the Hardware I use , You all can refer my...
  17. damngoodman999

    Symbian 3 phones -> PC freezing

    Last 4 months i 've been using Nokia C7-00 (symbian 3 ) sometimes using safely remove hardware system freezes suddenly [no keys r working ] have to restart ! Its kind'a weird problem i face more than 3 times , i mean which hardware going burst out first ? PC or Phone ? Which hardware is...
  18. doomgiver

    [QUERY] buying used hardware

    *www.thinkdigit.com/forum/bazaar/139388-core-i7-860-approx-1-5-years-warranty-left.html *www.thinkdigit.com/forum/bazaar/139387-msi-p55-gd65-1156-socket-intel-motherboard-approx-1-5-years-warranty-left.html what do you think? is this a good combo??? should i go for it??? is it...
  19. N

    Hardware Price List in Kolkata

    I want to buy a new Intel based Desktop.Main uses will be gaming and video editing.I want to play games like Crysis 2,Battlefield 2,Battlefiel 2142,Need for Speed Undercover,Need For Speed Undercover,FIFA 11,etc. in high or max. settings.My budget is Rs.50000. I want to know the prices of these...
  20. User Name

    Need Hardware Temp monitor s/w

    Hi I need a hardware temp monitor s/w. s/w that monitors all temps. CPU, HDD. GPU etc. for win7 should be available on desktop. Any free software?
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