1. The Conqueror

    Building a "Crysis 2 PC" for under ~$600

    When the original Crysis launched in 2007 it was proclaimed by all as the best-looking PC game yet. However, these groundbreaking visuals came with a downside - Crytek was aiming to develop a "hardware future-proof" PC game, but many enthusiasts complained that their gaming rigs could not keep...
  2. kool

    How to unlock BitLocker & Plz Solve BLUE screen NDIS_SERVER..!!!

    Guys, i'm really tensed, from last 2 days i'm unable to login in normal mode in win7, as i'm getting this error message with blue screen.Only able to login via SAFE MODE. Check attached image. By the way i've 4 partition in my system where D drive is locked with bitlocker, and i've dual OS Win...
  3. RCuber

    Who's Winning?

    Hello Guys , Sorry for the funny title, anyway its good to be back on Digit Forum. Its been long time since I ventured into anything related to computer hardware. ( been busy :( ) Anyway coming to the point, I have a couple of questions related to what's happening in the hardware world...
  4. S

    Gaming/Multimedia Pc for 30k

    Hi guys, m lookin to get my hands on a decent Gaming gig. used to follow the hardware arms race a couple of years ago but have been out of the loop for quite some time.. so for all practical purposes i m a Noob now :):) any suggestions wud be welcome.. check out the request template...
  5. The Sorcerer

    New Lan centre in Mumbai Armed by Asus, Benq and Razer Hardware

    Hardware BBQ | Reviews • Previews • Recommendations: New Lan centre in Mumbai Armed by Asus, Benq and Razer Hardware
  6. S

    Linking ps2 to pc

    I have two ps2 7000 models. I want to connect one of them to my personal computer and use the ps2's processing power with my pc if yes please tell me how to do it and if any other hardware needed for it. Thank You.
  7. Jaskanwar Singh

    farewell to ATI

    1985: The Founding - Picture Story - Tom's Hardware
  8. prasath_digit

    can MCA Grads get into Comp Hardware Field?

    Hi I'm doing MCA II year now, I know that MCA degree is ranked a lot lower than BE/Btech degrees....I'd like to know if MCA graduates can get into the Computer Hardware Field...as I am more interested in Comp Hardware than Software....and most companies( including biggies like Intel, AMD, NVIDIA...
  9. KRISHI101

    Can not Install Pendrive

    Hello Friends,.. My problem is i cant install new Pen-drives.. I don't remember how the problem occur and when? ( May be when i update my window xp - Because you know the notification comes showing your computer might be at risk - Enable update. So i update it and then the problem occurred...
  10. doomgiver

    used computer

    desktop/laptop wanted looking for honest sellers expected use : torrent box/linux experiment minimum requirements: pentium 3 or amd equivalent 256 mb ddr2 ram MUST BE ABLE TO RUN SMOOTHLY FOR EXTENDED PERIODS OF TIME HARDWARE MUST BE ROBUST AND FREE FROM DEFECTS also, some sort...
  11. G

    Good and cheap hardware shop in bangalore

    Hi, Can you tell me the good computer hardware shop in bangalore. Thanks sushant
  12. S

    HTPC and Gaming PC -- 50k

    Hello, i am planning to buy Desktop within 50k budget. Can you please suggest best available config -- I should be able to play prince of persia and all racing games. hardware knowlegde is 3/10 ( after reading so many threads , i am getting confuse ). I will be going for Intel. Do...
  13. S

    Laptop wireless card issue driving me crazy

    I have a Dell Studio laptop(Studio 1558) with a DW1520 Wireless N WLAN half mini card(Broadcom) that is intermittently switching off wireless on start-up under Windows 7. If a connection is made at start-up it works fine however every one in three start-ups fails to initiate wireless (I see a...
  14. C

    Is There Place For Yet Another Hardware Forum?

    Hi, I was wondering. Do you think another computer hardware forum has scope? There are lots of forums out there.. So would you be active in a new forum? If you need, what incentives would drive you to be active there?
  15. avichandana20000

    CORSAIR 450 VX availability

    To all kolkata TDF members: yesterday i asked vedant computers regarding the price of CORSAIR VX450W. Shockingly they said that it is no more available from Corsair.Is it true? please removed it from here i have already posted it under HARDWARE PRICE CHECK.
  16. ico

    We are going under a revamp.

    Suggestions please. okay.. Now we have a separate section for PC Buying / Configuration. All "PC for 30k" type of threads will go there. Now, I suggest Hardware Q&A to be renamed to Hardware Troubleshooting so that it only caters to "problems" related to Hardware. Hardware Discussions to...
  17. D

    Building a budget gaming PC, suggestions needed

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? A: Casual Gaming, plan to keep bought PC for atleast 2-3 years 2. Are you open to alternate ideas/products giving similar better performance but offering more VFM/ sellers? A: Yes, absolutely 3. What is your MAX budget? A: 40k 4. Planning to...
  18. K

    CPU + Mobo + GPU + Ram - great for gaming!

    Hi everyone, I have the following for sale - all hardware is in good condition and is about 2 years old (no bill/invoice, misplaced it - all hardware bought from SMC International, Nehru Place). CPU - Athlon X2 6000+ Motherboard - Asus M2N-E GPU - MSI 8800GT (512 MB) RAM - Kingston 4X1GB...
  19. kool

    Jetking Hardware & Networking courses are worth or not..???

    Hi friends, going to join BBA distance learning via MANIPAL. And also want to join JETKING HARDWARE & NETWORKING course side by side. It is 15month course in which they teach me: MODULE 1: Certificate in Basic Electronics & Office Tools: ANALOG, DIGITAL, MICROPROCESSOR, MS APPLICATION, ENGLISH...
  20. Gaurav

    Is a hardware QWERTY keypad really useful

    Hello everyone, I haven't used a touchscreen phone before. I want to know how useful a hardware qwerty keypad in a touch phone is? Please tell me your views/experiences about it. Thanks
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