1. krishnandu.sarkar

    [Views] iPhones Are Not Designed To Operate In Indian Environment

    TL;DR I always had a dream of getting an iPhone and I do agree that I do not have that affordability conditions (aukat) to get an iPhone. But still I dared to get iPhone 6S 64 GB for whopping 53,499/- from Flipkart with a 1.5 years (18 months) EMI on my Credit Card. I couldn't even tell this...
  2. dan4u

    Airtel Broadband or You Broadband in Chennai?

    I moved to a new place in Chennai (Chetpet) and I initially called up You Broadband two weeks ago for a new connection, they responded quickly and I paid online, the rep said it will be setup in 5-7 days. They offered a fibre connection 200GB@100Mbps for Rs 1732 and 1mbps post fup, looked...
  3. GhorMaanas

    India pays homage to its martyrs; gilani butthurt yet again!

    India salutes Colonel MN Rai martyred in anti-terror operations in J&K, his last rites performed - IBNLive meanwhile J&K traitor praises Pak - Latest Breaking News, Big News Stories, News Videos (the link has a video) Hurriyat leader Ali Shah Geelani calls...
  4. E

    Nokia Lumia 730 shown in first leaked photos

    (Source) I just wish they come up with good ones next year
  5. A

    Negative Experience Pathetic customer service..@ snapdeal.. no ownership

    I had ordered 1TB WD Blue some 25 days back @ snapdeal.. . thers were some 5 sellers available on sanpdeal. 1. But the HDD i received after 4 days was WD GREEN 1TB.. (i knew there was a shortage of the Blue ones ib the market thats the only reason i choose to purchase it from snapdeal...) I...
  6. S

    i found new eCommerce called easydeal

  7. masterkd

    [Complaint] Pathetic service by Digicare/ MSI Graphics Card

    I have a MSI 560 Ti Hawk which was giving some trouble. So I have submitted the card to Digicare center in Kolkata. Nov 9, 2013: Submitted my card to the Digicare, Kolkata. They asked me to call back after 10 days. Nov 16, 2013: I called Digicare to know the status. They asked for call...
  8. Sarath

    What was your first gaming device?

    Which was your very first gaming device that began your gamer journey? Share your story. Lets see what interesting devices we get to see. ------------- As for me, it was something like this It was called brick game and had only that tetris like game and nothing else.
  9. ratul

    Is it normal for a company to reject you after you cleared the interview?

    Ok, on 15th may, i gave an interview in a company, it was 3rd round and i had cleared first 2 rounds previously, after that no reply from them, i called them after a week, they said that they are processing, after a month around 15th june, i called them and they said that i have cleared the...
  10. J

    Murdered - Game discussion

    Saw this trailer of this new game called Murdered. Looks amazing :D *
  11. sygeek

    [Buying advice] Problem while buying cabinet online (I have to fill some form and send it to them)

    I bought most of my components from flipkart and mdcomputers which went like a breeze, however the cabinet was not available at either of the places for the the desired price (NZXT Source Elite 210). So, I bought them from TheITWares and today I called them and they said that firstly it's...
  12. CommanderShawnzer

    Having a problem with a Game? Read this thread first.

    I've made this thread to outline a basic set of troubleshooting tips/FAQ for newbs who make threads here for advice on problems in their games. Troubleshooting Tips/FAQ Q1 : I'm having *insert problem here* with *insert game name here* running on my PC,I can exit the game though. A1 : You...
  13. Cilus

    [Complaint] Naaptol's Poor Delivery service

    Hi Guys, need your help here. On 11th April, 2013, I have placed an Order for a XOLO Q800 Mobile Phone on and paid the full amount, Rs 11,823. The product is not available in any of the other online sites during that period. The original amount was 11,998 but I used some Payback...
  14. dashing.sujay

    First experience of using an iPhone !!

    So I had iPhone 4s in my hands which belonged to an uncle of my friend. Had used his phone once before; Slick interface, nothing new to mention. The whole incident started when he asked me to send some songs to it. I already knew that iTunes was required for it. My friend had some software which...
  15. RCuber

    Treacherous backdoor found in TP-Link routers

    Full article here
  16. A

    men's shirt fabric query

    can anybody give me an online link to buy exactly the same shirt. i tried searching a lot couldn't find. or can anyone just tell me what this fabric called and the type of weaving?
  17. vickybat

    Nvidia GeForce Titan Might Outperform GTX 690

    This thing is just round the corner and if these leaks are true, then get ready to expect the unexpected. Another rumor suggests this card to be called simply "Geforce Titan" instead of Gtx 7xx which sounds intriguing. Its compute ready too owing to GK110. Hope it manages to match GCN in...
  18. Ronnie11

    Getting Late night missed Calls from weird numbers for past 2 Days

    Hey guys,kind of need help in this matter...i am getting late night missed calls from some strange numbers... +447937947111- this one called at 2:30 in the morning... +447937947162- this number called yest as well... Are these international numbers?...are these some kind of scam or...
  19. ajayashish

    Vodafone 3G service

    Hi, Anyone here using Vodafone 3G service for mobile. I was planning to take one and saw that they mentioned Rs 375 for 1gb transfer. But when I called, the IVR system said it is 500MB for Rs375. Please let me know if anyone using 3G for Vodafone and also let me know how is the service.
  20. prabhu.wali

    Software Firm :D

    hey fellas, I take great pride in letting you all know that me and my pals started our very own software development firm called Mass Minds,wish us luck and we are online @ :D
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