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Oct 16, 2017
Jul 27, 2011
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The Vagrant Seeker

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Oct 16, 2017
    1. indianboy21
      bro help us in buying idm lifetime license for cheap
    2. Jackpison
      Is it possible to extend those 40 licenses of IDM
      would love to get one
      can you contact IDM to provide some more?
      1. bssunilreddy likes this.
    3. kool
      Iball compbook
    4. kool
      Bro, Kindly clear my doubt:

      1. Hows display ? Is it IPS display or normal display with angle view problem.

      2. Hows battery backup on continuous or mixed usage.
      3. Does it lag opening 3-4 tabs simultaneously on chrome browser? or any other browser ?
      4. Hows build quality ? and looks ?
      5. How much time it takes to get full charge ?

      My main purpose to web browsing, watching youtube and reading pdf and ppt files only. I dont play games and i dont need storage for storing movies etc. I wanted to buy ASUS X205TA but with same configuration iBall is much better, but dont know about build quality.

      please reply as soon as possible, so i can buy it today. I am getting it for Rs.9600 in PATNA.
    5. Hrishi
      That's nice , seems you read a lot while breathing the fresh air of sea.
    6. Hrishi
      You do write well , and certainly have clear and non-biased understanding of subjects. What have you studied , sire ?
      Don't mind my inquisitiveness , please.
    7. d3p
      no Problemo mate..
    8. d3p
      Is that Roccat Kave 5.1 still on sale ??

      PM me your best price.
    9. furious_gamer
    10. gunnerwholelife
      Clear your pms and if you have everything in place pm me back.Regards.
    11. gunnerwholelife
      Do you still have Meelectronics M6 with you and if yes do you want to sell them ?
    12. abhilashthobias
      I chckd d jvc one mentioned in my thread with the cd reciever.....
      It was ok.... I also chckd a double din jvc player that was for 7490/- and i believe reliance has an offer in which dey r givin a pair of 6"inch coaxial spekers for a total of 8888/-
      The double din version of jvc was gud and i also liked a pioneer speaker set for 5000/- but since i am not in a hurry i am still scouting!!!!
    13. abhilashthobias
      Wow... Jvc is better than blaupunkt...i really thought blaupunkt was the best...

      Btw i did check out the other jvc model that incinerator mentioned at reliance autozone... I think that is the only place where v can get demos...try that if you have any in your area!
    14. abhilashthobias
      Too many of them to consider them fake... Or may b they really r fake... But then how will v know which one is genuine and which one is fake....

      I really liked the jvc kd x30... Hope to find sometjing like that frm kenwood....

      Btw how is alpine???
      Never seen anyone talking about them!!
      And what about blaupunkt????
    15. abhilashthobias
      Well its just that i have seen a lot of them going faulty... Like they will restrt on every bump of the road... And i have seen so many such xamples mostly from jvc or sony....
    16. abhilashthobias
      I also chcked out jvc kd x30 ... Perfectly matches my req....
      Just that i am bit skeptical of jvc..
      If anything like that comes from kenwood... I will take it!!!
    17. abhilashthobias
      So do u think that lesser know HU will last... Coz i dont plan to change it very soon... In fact i font think i will chnge it at all if it last 3-4 yrs coz then i will change the car itself!!!!!
    18. abhilashthobias
      Thnx for ur reply....
      I dnt want to go for lesse known HU just coz am not sure if they will last..
      Do you have any idea abt cost of kenwood.. As i am skeptical about jvc..
      Plz enlighten me what difference is there between coaxial and components speakers are??
    19. aroraanant
      But if anyone asks me about LED or LCD TVs then I can suggest him very well, and I have a good knowledge about mobiles and laptops as well.But don't know anything, i mean anything about AVRs and all.So what do I do?
      And I don't know whether I will be able to utilize it or not later on.
    20. aroraanant
      Hey tell me one thing.
      WHy don't you guys suggest anyone to get a samsung, sony, philips or Lg Home theatre?
      Any harm in buy them?
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