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  • ohk.. no probs... I need someone to play multiplayer though.. k, lets start search again :p
    hmm bit costly...see what u can do...but this time tell them to keep it safe from cold/hot summer / and heavy rains :) right now my doggie is sleeping on my bed...will tell him to go down so that I can sleep :D
    just get another pug...if cost is issue then wait for somedays and then get...all will be happier :D and take good care of it
    yes u r right...my mom too finds it difficult to handle my dog if he becomes too aggressive...for ladies/gals Pomeranian/pug size is good :)
    bigger dogs start biting...hmmm maybe ...my dog is quit an angry fellow on outsiders...maybe he can even bite...but that makes our house safe too :)
    tell ur dad to get another pup quickly so that his mind get diverted from this incident :( .... and love the new one more :) ...u know desi dogs r better resistant to diseases in indian conditions ...and they r equally playful too ....u can adopt a good looking desi pup like mine :)
    Thats very sad...these foreign dogs needs too much care and medical attention :( ....very sad yaar :(
    Watch youtube trailers... You need to try this game.. its awesome! :D
    And I know you know its a game, but I said its a "great" game.
    Add me on steam anyways: nipunarora
    lol its a great game... You must try it once!
    Check out minecraft thread... You wont be able to resist :p

    BTW Are you on steam?
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