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  • skillset would concentrate on security aspects, resume should reflect that you are doing things in security, like mentioning that you have a virtual lab setup at your home and practice pentesting on that, things which would reflect that you know the stuff you do..
    About the certs, CEH and Security+ are the most basic core security certificate that most companies demand for a startup, but having additional networking and security certs like CCNA, CCNP, CCSP etc. are good and will help you in grabbing a better pay. But the most important thing i have seen is the experience, most of the good security jobs require atleast 3 years of experience in networking and security domain (a network admin would be a good thing to backup), and a good pentester atleast requires 5 yrs. of experience before he can expect some reputation in security field.
    BTW, now i am targeting towards OSCP, which i think is one of the best "must have" cert for a security professional.
    On a wider note the answer is yes , but being particular I am more into System. Administration and management.
    Though , I am wondering what sort of resume/skillset or rather say certs and degree they want for such jobs ??
    Need a bit of help in Career path "System Admin". Would you mind giving some information/suggestion for my queries ?
    hi. :D sorry for disturbing you. i wanted to know which one is better? PL21 or ES18 ?? i need reliability and good bass
    Hi friend...want to ask one thing...i read that u have bought Soundmagic Pl 21...i want to know does it has a mic and if the mic works with LG Optimus One P500. Shall be very thankful if u can tell me that.
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