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What was your first gaming device?


Which was your very first gaming device that began your gamer journey?

Share your story. Lets see what interesting devices we get to see.


As for me, it was something like this

It was called brick game and had only that tetris like game and nothing else.


The handheld device with snake and tetris installed in them? That was my first one.
Second was The Terminator, or whatever that oldass, chinese made, nintendo machine was called.

Edit- Oh, that's your first device too, I didn't read the full post :p
That's pretty much everyone's first gaming device.

Btw, that Brick Game Handheld is still available in the markets, check Snapdeal :p


Brick game...
then keyboard me cassete wala game...

btw i tried to finish Mario ... Did anybody finish it i.e. Save the princess in level 8-4??


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First was a handheld fighter plane game.

My first love for gaming started with 8 bit cartridges with a nes clone. The first game i loved was Mario. And then some Duck Tales, Aladdin, Contra(Proud of myself having finished it as it was a really difficult game and various other games whose name i dont remember.

My love for gaming was strengthened with PC and Cricket 97 was my first love here. Then followed Half life, Fifa, Carmageddon, Soldier of Fortune, Max payne.

Although i play games now in bits and pieces, my love for gaming will never be the same again as was in childhood. Sigh!. Why do we have to grow up


that local handheld device with tetris and all.
next was that local tv video game
next was nintendo gameboy color
The first game I played was super mario in an arcade, was able to play it for 4 coins for 1 rupee. I had come across the shop by accident while roaming the streets during summer vacation, in 1992. Then after 2 years got to play paratrooper on my school computer, followed by Pac-man, prince of p, dave... didnt stop till now :lol: . There was also this hand held device with lion king game on it, which I got free from Mc D. Used to play the game for years.

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8-bit video games ( mario, contra, adventure island ) - still play this when my oldest friends get-together.
then, PC

planning to get a console soon.. :)


NES ripoff with a coloured rainbow keyboard :ashamed:
and PC games like doom, prince of persia (arabian and normal one) and there was a vaery awsome game but i dont remember it..
when we got our first PC it had "jaani Dushman" movie installed, watched it about 15 tiems...
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