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  • Zotac GTX-650Ti Boost 2GB is available for 12.6k @ flipkart. Should I go for it or should I get the Gainward 2GB model for 12.2k?
    Hey bro, I ordered my components locally except RAM, PSU and monitor. I've shortlisted these
    Philips 21.5 inch 226V3LSB LED Monitors

    Buy Online Seasonic 620W Power Supply (S12II-620) in india

    Buy Corsair | Buy Corsair 600G Power Supply | Corsair CMPSU 600G Power Supply

    I'll call mdcomputers tomorrow to inquire about their prices and whichever is lower including shipping I'll order that.
    I am having Intel DG31PR motherboard, Pentium Dual Core CPU E5300@ 2.60GHz, DDR2 400 MHz 2GB RAM, VIP 400 watts PSU.
    I want to purchase graphic card that can play almost all game at low or medium setting.
    My budget is 2500.00
    Dude if you can help me buying a new laptop, plz reply at my thread if possible "Lenovo B480 Vs Lenovo
    G580(Which is better)"
    Hey, Just got an APC 1.1KVA. But one question : Is the battery connected internally ?? How should i do, its not switching on ??
    I am unable to install linux. May be how hard I try but I simply cant.
    I tried to install Ubuntu. It didint. I tried OPH Crack, it didnt. I tried some othe linux distros still doesnt help. Today I tried to boot from Bitdefender Rescue disc for a scan. Still I couldnt. Actually it is asking me the option for language and other stuffs. And when I select any language, a black screen comes, some line of code run and my screen goes blank. And there is also no blink in my DVD-Drive.
    But all these work fine my Sister's i5 rig. She has Asus P8H61-M LE. DVD-RW of both of us is same (Asus 24x). Even all these work fine on my bro's HP lappy and other friends dual core and core2duo systems.
    Can you plz help me detect the fault. Can it be the processor?
    i have opened up a thread asus geforce 680 which i believe is causing unintended confusion for which i unconditionally i am new here and am unable to change the title if you can then do help me do the same.
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