1. chandan3

    Call of duty modern warfare 3

    I hv installed cod modern warfare 3 bt .there is no option xbox 360 contrler n, i could nt play with my xbox 360 contrler.wt i ll do guys ,help me.i wanna play with contrler.
  2. H

    The Xbox One is an "Überwachungsgerät" says Peter Schaar

    The Xbox One is an "Überwachungsgerät" says Peter Schaar Überwachung: Datenschützer Peter Schaar kritisiert Microsofts Xbox One - SPIEGEL ONLINE Peter Schaar is the federal commissioner for for privacy protection in Germany. "Überwachungsgerät" roughly translates to...
  3. amjath

    EA: PS4, XBox One Are a 'Generation Ahead' of Gaming PCs

    EA: PS4, XBox One Are a 'Generation Ahead' of Gaming PCs I don't know what's got into this guy, these consoles makers probably given him so much money to make a statement like this. I'm heartbroken as soon as read the title
  4. vickybat

    The definitive Xbox discussion thread | Don't troll

    //MOD: Discuss all things related to Xbox One here. Jailbreaking/hacking/gaming/video calling/etc. Everything here. Trolling will not be tolerated. PS4 fans post here: For Nintendo Wii U, use...
  5. G

    XBox One Launched! Top features you need to know about the new XBox One!

    Hi Everyone.So as we know,Microsoft has finally unveiled the next generation of console after 8 Years of the XBox 360.Microsoft called it the XBox One and not the XBox 720 because the XBox One is trying to unify all the different entertainment devices in your living area into one single...
  6. S

    The Official Xbox One Thread

    So it's official !! The Xbox One has been unveiled . This thread can be used for all discussions regarding the Xbox one- specs, games, features, etc. The Xbox One for those who don't know, was released yesterday at 10:30pm IST. The release thread is in the technology news forum. Shiva
  7. S

    New Xbox To Be Revealed In Two Events, Starting Today at 10:30pm IST ( 10am PDT )

    New Xbox To Be Revealed In Two Events, First on 21st May and then at E3 Finally!! The launch is over. The Xbox One has been revealed!!! The second part of the launch is going to be held at E3. Enjoy. The below link is the official Xbox one page with the video of the unveiling and other...
  8. P

    Configuration for Gaming PC around 35k

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: Games like Batman Arkham Orgins, Splinter Cell Blacklist...
  9. .jRay.

    Gamepad Buying Advice

    Gamepad Buying Advice (Urgent!) Hi, i have a lenovo z580 running windows 8, i wanna buy a decent gamepad, my budget is around 1200. i read some of the threads and peole recommend the xbox controller which costs 1.6k on fk.whats the difference between xbox and ps3 controller besides the...
  10. P


    Hey guys i want to put my query here. I want to buy a gift for my birthday in the end of this month. My budget is around 10-15k.So should i buy an xbox 360 or should upgrade my graphics card. The problem is, is the era of xbox ending this year?:-? I am worried that if i buy the xbox now then...
  11. bubusam13

    Gamepad for PC

    Hi Guys, which gamepad will be better Thrustmaster GPX Gamepad - Thrustmaster: or Microsoft XBOX PC gamepad. I want a wired version and budget range is 2K. I am a casual gamer. I already have a Rs 250 one playstation style chinese gamepad. I works but not for all games, most...
  12. Krow

    Shank and Shank 2

    I just finished Shank and Shank 2. Both are pretty good games if you have an Xbox controller. Both were part of Humble Bundles, so some of you will have them. If anyone wants to try the co-op mode, let me know, we'll figure something out.
  13. chandan3

    Xbox 360 controler buying advice

    I ll buy xbox 360 controler from which sites gives 1 year warranty and gennuine product.
  14. P

    Jailbreak Xbox 360

    Hi, I just bought a xbox 360 slim 4gb and am a complete noob, so pls help me jailbreak(mod / flash) it, I would be real grateful to you guys
  15. V

    Best TV for XBox 360 & Ps3

    Hi guys..... I want a nice tv for gaming i.e., both xbox & ps3. I am noob in this so give me good tv. 3D desnt matter to me. My budget is 50-60k. Probably 42-55in in the given budget. I want more than 120hz because in the future ill be buying ps4 and xbox next gen consoles.
  16. S

    what to buy

    I am a serious gammer in this summur i am planing to buy a new console what should i buy xbox or ps3 or psvita or wait for ps4
  17. G

    I am planning to Buy xbox , plz help me

    I am planing to buy Xbox 360 , 250 gb , in singapore and this will be used in india. how can i use it in my LG 32LF20R FULL HD tv in india. will my xbox get with HDMI cable or i have to provide other alternative ways. plz help me out .i am planning to buy it tommorow .
  18. gameranand

    Need to buy a Rubberized Grip Controller for PC

    Well guys I already have Xbox 360 controller but the thing is that it slips and don't feel comfortable for long sessions. I mean the sweating of hands makes the comfort go in trash. So I bought Razer Onza TE controller and it was working fine but then it also went kaput with LT and later I found...
  19. S

    Pc console?

    Hey guys, just wondering, would it make sense if i custom built a pc such as this, Graphics Card : ZOTAC NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 (ZT-60201-10L) 2 GB DDR3 Graphics Card[ RS. 6500 ] Processor + Motherboard: AMD/Gigabyte AMD 3.6 GHz AM3+ FX4100 Processor Gigabyte GA-880GM-D2H Moth Combo...
  20. N

    Won 1 year free XBOX live Gold membership..selling it for 2500 INR

    Recently MS Xbox India team launched a twitter constest and i won 1 year free XBOX live Gold membership. Currently it costs $5/month = $60 for a year = approx 3500 INR. I am willing it to sell it for 2500 INR because i don't have an Xbox neither do i like consoles for gaming. Proof that i...
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