XBox One Launched! Top features you need to know about the new XBox One!


Broken In
Hi Everyone.So as we know,Microsoft has finally unveiled the next generation of console after 8 Years of the XBox 360.Microsoft called it the XBox One and not the XBox 720 because the XBox One is trying to unify all the different entertainment devices in your living area into one single console.The XBox One runs of 3 operating systems! Yes,3! The first one is the XBox OS,The second OS is A downsized version of windows(to bring apps) and the third OS multitasks between the previous 2 operating systems.The Kinect and the controller have been improved.The Kinect now comes with the Xbox.No need to buy it separately! The XBox also has some decent apps along with new features likes Live TV,Voice commands and full skhpe integration.I have made this Video which has everything about the new XBox!All the specs, features of the XBox are mentioned in this video.Do check it and let me know how it looks:)
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