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  • Hey man:),saw your thread about the mp3 player.How did you get that sansa clip for 2.3k?i checked ebay but its 3.5 k and also not available in other stores.
    i think x5 is called u8800 or something. have nice support for roms.
    and avoid indiatimes. extremely bad reviews by most.
    bhal dekha nai. akdom poor display (like fit, pop, mini). aru mobile kiba square type dekhun.
    IBM? loise keijan manok. pahorilu kintu select korise.
    atia aku nai kintu dual core mobile jihetu 18-19k pua jai, so sake March-May maonoike Xperia Mini type mobile within 10k pua jabo lage.
    acc to me QWERTY android skip kora bhal. 2.8" screen bohut besi soru hoi jai.

    Net bohut baiya review paise. don't know why. atialoi review sua nai. Optimus One processor bhaleman slow. smooth holeo angry birds birat lag kore. optimus one most likely discontinue hoi goise sake.

    23-24th haba lage.
    karon bhal configuration holeo who will service it if it goes bad, thats unclear. moreover jodi idea rma loi for blade, it may take more than a month to have it repaired. thats the main reason. service bhal nahale rooting & installing custom rom akdom safe nahai.
    H/W wise A70 is almost same as Optimus One/Net but ram is only 256Mb. finally battery backup kiman dibo, no idea. galaxy y online price only 7200 man hai. read gsmarena comment on micromax a70. really lame service & poor quality hardware.
    mur friend try korisil kintu checkout page't dekhai dise coupon has already been redeemed. so check well.
    jodi tumi 9k dibo ready, then optimus. HVGA resolution, better graphics processor, 512Mb ram & almost all famous android roms are available. bt galaxy y's dam 2k kam hai. so decide kora.
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