1. vamsi_krishna

    Basic Console Purchasing Guide

    Basic Console Purchase guide.. This thread lousily covers everything related to your queries about console purchase. It might be of different generation, scale. Nothing matters, if you want suggestions on consoles.. just post them. So, to just warm you up, i'm posting what are the consoles...
  2. pulkitpopli2004

    XBox connection with LCD monitor

    I want to connect xbox 360 with LCD monitor with help of External TV tuner card. I read on some threads that if you connect monitor with Xbox through internal TV tuner card then this leads in to some delay generated due to TV tuner card as signals passes to monitor through PC hence is it good to...
  3. blademast3r

    Using XBOX 360 emulator to get any game controller to work!

    How many times have you a started a game with a PC controller in hand just to find that it is not compatible with the game you're trying to play! Microsoft is trying to monopolize the PC gaming market. More and more games released everyday are only compatible with the XBOX 360 game controller...
  4. T

    suggest a good 24 inch lcd monitor!!

    hey guys i need a new lcd monitor for my xbox elite..i am looking for screen size above 22 inch .24 inch will be good enough i think..i like the benq 24 inchers..i want to have your advise which will be best for my xbox..i will mostly use it for my xbox to play games and occasionally hook it up...
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