1. I

    Xbox 360 or Xbox One?

    Hello All, I have PS2 at home and I want to buy Xbox because I want to play Halo series games. So I will be going to buy Xbox just want to know which one is better. I know xbox one is latest but It is costly. So what would you recommend. If I buy xbox 360 will it play all games including...
  2. R

    Xbox One for 399$ without Kinect to be launched by Microsoft

    Microsoft will be selling their Xbox One console without the Kinect, and will charge $399 for this camera-less version. Previously, Microsoft was adamant about making Kinect a part of the Xbox experience. But they’ve since changed their course, according to Phil Spencer, head of Xbox: “We’ve...
  3. B

    [Want to Buy] Pre-owned Xbox Original (1st Generation) with Bill/Box accessories

    Hello Members, I am looking for used "Xbox Original (1st Generation)" with Bill/Box & accessories in excellent mint condition. Interested individuals can contact me via PM. Preffered payment mode: Cash, NEFT, Others It is available at Ebay UK!!: If any of your known is visiting India in...
  4. C

    XBOX 360 wired controller wire replacement

    I have a black xbox 360 controller for pc bought in october. I am facing connectivity issues like for a particular angle of wire I get connected for remaining I dont rendering my gamepad useless. Instead of going for total replacement which I am afraid will be costly, can anyone help me where...
  5. C

    Xbox 360 wired Controller issue

    I used to play games on my pc using my xbox controller. One night while playing Bioshock I noticed some connection issues with the controller , like or a particular angle of wire leading into the controller would work and it for rest it wont. Thus I went to the nearest service centre and their...
  6. bkpeerless

    What to buy ps3 or xbox

    This summer I am planning to buy a PS3 or xbox not (ps4 for xbox one because its out of budget. Plz sugest what to buy. the only thing i am worried about is the life of this console after the launch of next gen. plz help ..
  7. tamatarpakoda

    Xbox One controller for PC

    It seems some enterprising dudes have managed to get the Xbox One controller working on the PC. Can anyone here try it out and check if it is working? Source: Xbox One gamepads finally, unofficially supported on PC | Ars Technica
  8. G

    need suggestion which controller should i buy for PC

    i am looking to buy a new controller after windows 8.1 i had too many problem with drivers to get a generic gamepad work... got frustrated... so now decided to get a good one i am going for xbox 360 wireless to go with my windows 8.1 because i think most games will support it out of the box i...
  9. Nerevarine

    Gamepad buying GUIDE

    Ive been doing a lot of searching around lately and ive found out these XINPUT PC gamepads This is a list of the pros and cons for the best gamepads available for PC.. I am going to exclude most EL CHEAPO gamepads. This list serves as a reference for people to choose the best gamepad according...
  10. R

    Stephen Elop appointed as Xbox Division Head

    Microsoft appoints chief Nokia wrecker Stephen Elop to head Xbox division | ExtremeTech Now what he will do ? sell Xbox To Sony hahaha
  11. Desmond

    Investors want Microsoft’s new CEO to kill Xbox, Bing and Surface

    Bing and Surface I can understand but why Xbox? Xbox still has a lot of users and probably is the most popular M$ product. Source : Investors want Microsoft’s new CEO to kill Xbox, Bing and Surface
  12. M

    I want to exchange my xbox 360 with a ps3

    I don't know where to put this so I'm putting it here since it's about consoles.. I want to exchange my xbox 360(250gb) with a ps3 at least 160 gb.. I played xbox 360, now I want to play ps3 so i wanna exchange before putting my hands on the next gen consoles..
  13. 2kool2btrue

    Advise for/against getting a modded PS3/Xbox 360

    Hello! I'm looking for a modded slim PS3 (preferably) or an XBox 360(RGH + LT3, RGH, LT3 [not sure which one is better]). Can anyone advise which would be better? I'll be hooking it up to a 1080p monitor. Buying this to play GTA V and some exclusives (Leaning towards PS3 but not yet sure)...
  14. vijju6091

    Titanfall Discussion Thread

    Developer(s): Respawn Entertainment Publisher(s) : Electronic Arts Director(s) : Steve Fukuda Producer(s) : Drew McCoy Artist(s) : Joel Emslie Engine : Source Platform(s) : Microsoft Windows Xbox 360...
  15. vijju6091

    Headset for Xbox 360

    Hi Guys, I am Looking Forward to Buy Headset for Xbox 360 for In game sound. No need for voice chats and all.Only Important Thing is In game sounds. Please suggest cheapest possible headset for Xbox 360 which can provide In game audio to me. i Connect my Xbox to Tv through HDMI and TV does...
  16. furious_gamer

    No Sound from TV while playing from XBox 360

    Yes, finally i got Xbox, connected it to my TV(This one) through the Component cable. All is well, display is fine, but no audio. Can someone help me here? What i am missing? Note : I have connected PC Speaker in headphone jack of TV for audio output and i also connected 2 HDMI cables(1 for...
  17. N

    XBOX 360 controller query

    Hello, I don't have an XBOX however i am planning to buy a MS XBOX 360 controller for Windows 8 PC. As of now ( and as per my RnD), current XBOX 360 controller is compatible with Surface RT and most of the games on it. 1. Does the same holds true for RT games we download from Windows...
  18. amjath

    Insiders say Elop could sell off Xbox and cancel Bing if he became Microsoft CEO

    Source So evil this guy
  19. happy17292

    Monitor for console gaming [HDMI required]

    requirements: I am currently using HP W1707 17" 1440X900 monitor which supports HDCP has features DVI-D but i can't get it working with xbox 360/PS3. I am thinking about upgrading to a Full HD monitor with HDMI port. I'm totally n00b about Aspect ratio and resolution compatibility with...
  20. vijju6091

    [Want to Buy] Looking For Xbox 360 or PS3

    Hi all, I am Looking for Xbox360 or Ps3 for my brother. Moded one will be preferred. for Xbox 360 non moded too will be do. price range :- Depends on product and condition. It should be in good working condition. please let me know if anyone willing to sell his gaming console.
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