1. HE-MAN

    [For Sale] Xbox 360 Slim 4gb JTAG

    1. Model number and details: xbox 360 slim 4gb black 2. Date of purchase: august 2014 3. Reason for sale: dont play anymore 4. Warranty details: no 5. Expected Price: 16,000 6. Location of Seller: Nagpur, Maharashtra 7. Shipping : buyer preferred and at buyers risk and buyer pays 8.Pictures...
  2. Cyberghost

    Halo Wars 2

    Developer: 343i, Creative Assembly Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios ETA: Holiday 2016 Platforms: Xbox one, Windows PC
  3. GhorMaanas

    Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

    Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller (White) Got as a replacement for an earlier controller in Feb. 2014 from MS Sparsely used as most gaming was done on PS3 Except for the usual usage-wear on the analog-sticks, there're no scuffs or cracks or any other abnormalities on the controller No...
  4. Cyberghost

    Rumour : Microsoft want to buy AMD

    There is a new rumor going around that says that Microsoft may be in talks or have an interest in buying AMD. Acquiring AMD would cost Microsoft roughly $1.8 billion and the company has $95 billion in cash. So it would be like buying a McDonalds burger for the tech giant. In fact, current value...
  5. T

    Need to buy Legit Xbox 360 wired controller for PC.

    So I've been trying to find a genuine Xbox 360 WIRED controller for PC. This Paytm site is selling it for some Rs 1300 with cashback. My only concern is that whether the controller is legit or not. I've seen cheap china made controllers that try to copy original Xbox 360 controller and these...
  6. R

    Gta v - xbox - crew

    I am new to this forum but I hope we do have gta v playing games with xbox 360. I don't know if we have a local crew already but I don't see too many ppl online in my online sessions, so I started a crew and I hope to find indian bro's interested to join and play together, I got a nice name for...
  7. Cyberghost

    Fifa 16

    INTRODUCING WOMEN IN FIFA 16: Play as Women's National Teams for the first time in the FIFA franchise. Choose from 12 teams and compete* in Match Day, an Offline Tournament, and Online Friendly Matches. Available teams: Germany, USA, France, Sweden, England, Brazil, Canada, Australia...
  8. Alok

    Resident Evil ZERO HD Remaster

    Capcom announced today with a press release that it will release a HD Remaster of the Gamecube classic Resident Evil Zero in Early 2016. Alongside with the press release, we also got a screenshot and two renders of the main characters, Rebecca and Billy, which you can see in the gallery...
  9. Alok

    Xbox One's D4 Coming to PC

    Xbox One murder mystery game D4: Dark Dream's Don't Die is coming to PC. Director Hidetaka Suehiro, who is perhaps better known by his nickname, Swery, announced the news today in Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu and on Twitter. "Yes. D4 will be release for PC. #ThanksObama," he wrote. Back in...
  10. D

    Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for PC Review

    All, I am planning to buy "Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows" from Flipkart. Is this a good choice or do I have anything better. My main aim is to only play PC games. I read some reviews for the wired controller and it seems there are same fake ones also being sent...
  11. iittopper

    xbox 360 controller OEM

    Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller Remote FOR Xbox 360 AND PC OEM Controller | eBay Are these Xbox controller feels same as original one . Have anyone bought it ? Is it safe to get this OEM version of the controller?
  12. S

    Negative Experience Fake Xbox Controller sent!

    I ordered a Xbox controller and it turned out to be fake.That too the seller have flipkart advantage badge! i lost all trust now!
  13. P

    Ps3 / ps4 / xbox 360 / xbox one??? Which one (Urgrnt)

    Hi guys i need help quick I have some relatives in dubai Now,i am planning to ask them to bring me a console I Plan To Buy Ither Xbox 360/Ps3 combo or ps4 or Xbox one(if price is less or without accessories both xbox and ps4 are avalable under budget then both of next gen consoles)...
  14. Cyberghost

    You won’t need Xbox Live Gold to play online on Windows 10

    You won’t need Xbox Live Gold to play online on Windows 10 Microsoft has confirmed that playing online games on Windows 10, including cross-play titles, won’t require Xbox Live Gold. Integrating the Xbox platform into Windows 10 will not result in users needing to pay for an Xbox Live...
  15. F

    Xbox 360 emulator

    Does anyone know about any decent Xbox emulators and it's system requirements. Please provide download links if you can.
  16. sshaggy

    Micromax 32 Inch TV. Reviews and Suggestions

    Hi, I'm looking for a 32 Inch TV, primary for gaming with my XBOX. 1. Budget? 15,000 (+/- 2000) 2. Display type and size? (>=32") 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? (Console gaming) 4. Ports Required? (USB, 2X HDMI) 5. Preferred choice of brand? (Any) 6. Any TV/monitor in consideration? (Micromax...
  17. L

    Microsoft XBox 360 Controller - Genuine or Fake

    I ordered a XBox 360 controller from Flipkart and I doubt that it's a fake chinese product. I've never used a XBox controlled so I can't tell for sure. Build quality looks cheap and in-line release is missing. Llights around XBox guide button look odd and force feedback on this unit feels poor...
  18. R

    Upgrade My Computer (i7 920) or Buy an Xbox

    Hi there, I am a little confused, I have a computer with the configuration as mentioned in my signature (though my motherboard is UD7 probably not UD5). My hardware knowledge is very outdated (about 5 at the least) so I need help. Anyways I have 3 options. Option 1: * I have 6GB tri channel...
  19. Gollum

    GTA V coming to PS4, XBONE and yes PC too this Fall

    UWzV0AFXukI PC 3DBrG2YjqQA
  20. H

    GTA Soon Coming To PS4, Xbox One and PC.......

    Source: Engadget Rockstar has also released a teaser:- 3DBrG2YjqQA
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