1. RohanM

    UPS Query

    Hello all, We are having a Microtek inverter [800 kv] in our house as there is issue of load shading always. That inverter is also having an UPS mode. But somehow sometimes it not function, my pc gets reboot whenever there is a power cut [ not always but sometime] this already costed my one HDD...
  2. L

    G400 costing Rs.3100

    I contacted a retail shop about the Logitech g400. I want a new gaming mouse and they say that its cost is about Rs.3100. I told them that it might be cost of the new model g400s, they said no its the g400. They told me to go to and look the "Rude" gaming mouse its the best. But I...
  3. ankush28

    [Complaint] Neo dynamic computers WORST EXPIERIANCE

    Please dont go to dynamic computers they will confuse you and just try to get the most money that they can make Sorry for any typo or english mistake! On 26 june 2013 I went to Lamington to buy my new PC and got an worst experience about lamington road. First checked prices at primeabgb...
  4. GhorMaanas

    Mouse/device for the differently-abled.

    Hello everyone! recently an acquaintance of mine, after seeing my Cyborg R.A.T. 3 mouse, posed an interesting query to me. he told me about a friend of his, who is handicapped, and can't move (moves on wheelchair). he works on high-end softwares from adobe (photo works & graphical editing)...
  5. S

    [Complaint] Oh no!Ebay engulfed 39k,please help:what to do now??

    Yes!You all heard it right,ebay engulfed whole 39k from me!Here's what happened to me: I purchased samsung ativ smart pc from,i paid for the item on 11th Feb 2013,after 1 day of identifying the tablet,i found the s pen to be non sensitive to the screen,i told ebay about it and they...
  6. D

    New Win8 Laptop kaa confusion

    okay, so i have bought this lenovoZ580, 4GB, i3 3rd gen, nvidia 635 1GB, 1TB. The problem arises with win8 (in-built), and i dont know anything about it.. apart from this mega irritating problem, the sales guy also told me to back up the windows8 and that it would take up 32GB so i should do it...
  7. anirbandd

    Discussion: MD Computer does not RMA CM products from Flipkart

    Hi all, I visited MD Comp to buy the NZXT Gamma, ans was having a chat with Palash, the gaming section in-charge at MD Comp. I casually told him that I was planning to buy the CM 4x120mm case fan Pack from Flipkart for the Gamma later. He told me that if you buy the fans from FK, you will not...
  8. T

    motherboard dead???

    guys need your help again my motherboard was running well.but one day when i started everthng was ok but there was a display problem monitor was going to stand by mode, cpu fan was running, power led was also ready dvd drive was also running,bt there was no signal on monitor. i took my CPU...
  9. S

    Need Help to decide which AC to Buy..

    Hello Friends, I want to Purchase a Good AC for my room which is 12*18 feet. Well, I have visited several Showroms, they all have different stories which made me Extremely Confused. Some said LG is best, some told go for Voltas and One told me you should either go for Daikin Or O-General...
  10. aroraanant

    security camera DVR

    I am planning to set up few cameras in my factory to keep a watch on my staff, so I need a DVR(32 CH will be enough I think) and cameras but I don't have any idea about them. I need you guys to tell me that what should be my priority in this and what should I look for. I don't want to spend a...
  11. pratyush997

    [Complaint] How to get refund and file case against Rashi RMA

    How to get refund and file case against Rashi RMA Update Just Got Call from ASUS! regarding Issue ! Update Updated F/W as told by CC Till now it's in stable condition But my bill, Lan cable ain't with me! :( Update So Router is Up and in stable condition at the moment but I don't know...
  12. fun2sh

    The HP Laptop Miracle : The Rebirth

    One day i was playing Dota 2 and decided to use Radeon graphics (instead of Intel) and put processor limit to 100%. Normally, i used to play only on intel graphics and 70% proc limit. But, just when the game started my dear dear laptop turned off. I tried to switch it on by pressing power...
  13. webgenius

    Company asking employee to stay beyond notice period

    Hi guys, My friend is in deep trouble. Has has resigned from his job from an IT company, and the notice period in his company is 2 months. He is ready to serve the notice period of 2 months. But recently his manager and HR told him that they can make him stay beyond the notice period also...
  14. webgenius

    Waiting for a job offer...Confused about how to proceed

    Hi guys, I was interviewed by a major product based company on Sep 5. Everything in the interview went really well. I could answer most of the questions, and I completed the HR round too. HR told me that I can expect a positive response by end of next week (Sep 14th). I even remember the HR...
  15. R

    G400 Cable Replacement

    Hi All, I have the Logitech G400 Gaming mouse. It used by 10months now. Currently there is a cut in the center of the cable. Called service center as they told it is not possible to replace the cable and it is a waste now. Is anybody suggest any alternative for the cable. Thanks, Mani
  16. S

    3d tv suggestion?

    I had a plasma TV that just broke one week ago. I am now thinking about getting a 3d tv. One of my close friends told me to get a passive 3d tv but I am a noob at these things. Can anyone give me a suggestion?
  17. kool

    ►► How to find any person on FACEBOOK by email id ?

    Hi guys, I've few question regarding FB. 1) How to search somebody by just entering email id ? 2) I'm searching a girl whom i just met in GYM ;) she told me her name, college name. But i'm unable to find her. :-x 3) May be if she ask my FB id, how i'll give her? My name is very common on...
  18. D

    help with defy plus

    i am interested in defy plus at 13-14k.....i am basically attracted to the features its offering water resistant,gorilla glass because i am a rough user...i came across very good reviews praising its reliability...i confirmed and went to buy from authorized dealer locally...but after meeting the...
  19. Anish

    [Complaint] Reliance netconnect+ broadband.

    Hi friends, I bought Reliance netconnect+ 8 months ago. When I bought it, I was in a different locality (cuddalore, TN) and I got speeds upto (1.5 to 2Mbps). But when I returned my hometown (vellore, TN) The speeds dropped verymuch. I hardly get 150Kbps browsing speed. Downloads would be around...
  20. Zangetsu

    Bandwidth problem

    Hi all, I m using in2net broadband 1Mbps UL plan since 2011. but this month I m facing a weird problem. I download 2hrs in the morning every weekday & I get around 100~120KBps speed but in the evening till 12am the speed fluctuates a lot (hell lot) it goes to 100~110KBps then goes to...
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