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  • I like my things.

    Why were you banned ? What did you post ? Too much trolling ?
    hey. So if you dont want sleeping dogs, can you please give it to me. I really really want that.
    You have a budget of awesome config. Why going for 7850. Go for 7870. Get i5 2500k and Asus z77 or whatever you like, don't know much about MB but CPU and GPU I suggested are really good. Save money in motherboard and spend it on 7870.
    Hey here...
    im gonna buy a the i5 version of Samsung 550P.....
    can u just give me any detail about the amount of difference in gaming experience b/w the i7 & the I5 version?
    I believe right now, HTC One V @16.5k is the best value for money phone.. But if you can wait, you will soon have good options @ 20k range... But right now, there is nothing to choose... Wait a few months...
    hey dude check this thread.
    lets help and educate the guy
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