[Complaint] Neo dynamic computers WORST EXPIERIANCE


Please dont go to dynamic computers they will confuse you and just try to get the most money that they can make
Sorry for any typo or english mistake!

On 26 june 2013 I went to Lamington to buy my new PC and got an worst experience about lamington road.
First checked prices at primeabgb (29k) They told that due to increase in $ price is increased ok then went to neo dynamic computers few days ago i think 17 june they give me quotation of 26.5k on 26 june they gave me 28.65k Shocked!! After some bargaining finally 27.5k OK.
then he told options about bulldozer 6100 and a10-5300 I refused totally then his explaination i3 has only 3mb cache and 3.3ghz where Fx 6100 has 3.8ghz 12mb cache so it is better again i refused i dont want that at all.
Then they told me to pay advance 5k, I payed, Now the main part starts...

When he was givin order of components to their storage or whatever. I found something doubtful...
He was ordering like this...
i3 3220 32 bit
Asus P8B75-M LX Without vga,DVI
Corsair value select 4 gb 1066mhz for 2.2k
Antec VP450p with 65% efficiency
plus he was giving me gamma from show case not from box.
Tensed wtf is this **** going on. Got back my money(5k) paid as advance from them first and then asked about these stupidity. Now starts the LOL part...
he explained me about i3 first like this
"Dude i3 3220 is available in more then 4 varient 16bit, 32 bit, 64bit, 128bit" is this true AFAIK it is only 64bit
Now MoBo They are giving one without vga, dvi port so i asked then how I will connect my monitor... He told buy graphic card. LOL
Now lets see the prices of ram...
Corsair value 4gb 1066 2.2k
corsair value 1333 1333 2.4k (on FK 1.7k just)
Now one more LOL...
According to them Dell IN2030m is available in 3 varient 12xx X 7xx , 13xx X 7xx and 1600x900 wow I think they are manufacturer of that and dell resell it :p"
Antec VP450p is available in 3 efficiency there 65%, 73%, 82% LOL

So after hearing all this stupidity i told him about my order that i want 64bit proccy, mobo with VGA, psu with 82% efficiency and monitor with 1600*900 res( Just to check what they will tell now)
He told price will increase sir.
Ok how much
30.4 or 30.6k and with 1k discount 29.6k WTF i3 rig for 30k and that too w/o discrete graphic card.
So dont go this shop BLACKLISTED
if any one think that or know that above thing is possible like i3 3220 is available in 32bit arch. dell in2030 with 12xx X 7xx resolution and asus p8b75 m lx or b75m-d3h have none vga, dvi varient then please give sources I will delete my post.
So in this manner I wasted my 3hr for stupid shop. :( though I wasnt cheated buy why they are doing this bullshit with customer.
Ps- will post pic of the quotation paper they given to me


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It is recommended that you post a topic in forum regarding your Budget & needs to get the best possible solutions. Also people will recommend good shops and also tell you bad shops which you need to stay away from. As far as Customer Importance is concerned india is leagues behind UD & Europe. So being better informed will keep you out of more troubles than anything else.

ps: By the description you wrote I guess that Dealer seems really stupid.


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he is just dumb. There is no variant

1. i3 processor which is 16 / 32 / 128
2. some enthusiast motherboards come without igp. In your case check the product link : P8B75-M LX - Motherboards - ASUS
3. this is just pure crow...., i think by efficiency he meant " standard, 80+ etc... " which does not mean that if ur psu is 450w it will drow that "%" of that 450w. It just means that that "%" of the watts lost during conversion from ac to dc.


Then they told me to pay advance 5k, I payed, Now the main part starts...

IMO, both Buyer & Seller have acted like Dumb in the above case.

1). Why would you pay 5k as advance before hand ??
2). AFAIK, it's easier to get some discount from Primeabgb rather than fighting with others for more.
3). What are the components you decided to buy ?? Do you have a list ??
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