1. bkpeerless

    rumor about prince of persia 3

    is it true that there will be pop after the two thrones (digit told it was the last).
  2. M

    Mobo,RAM & Processor config flaw

    P4 2.4 533 Mhz D865GBF 512MB DDr 400 Xfx NvidiaGeForce 6200 256 MB Someone told the combination is flawed.How can it be rectified? Plz tell the extent to which ocing is possible.
  3. hafees

    Dish TV DTH Problem

    Hi! I purchased the Dish TV DTH one week ago. In the site they said that, with the purchase, i ll get pre activated viewing card (VC). But the local dealer told me that it will take two days to activate the pay channels. Now even after 10 days, i am still stuck with only the free (DD...
  4. A

    Airtel - customer care

    I am not able to contact customer care executive from the last 2-3 days. IVR system replies "send your queries via sms at our toll free no. 121". Somebody told me that it happens if you call customer care more than 3 times a day. Anybody facing same problem?
  5. Official Techie

    sams mission

    is it truethat a mobile game has released on sameera reddy one of my friends told me
  6. Generic Superhero

    more than one os bad for pc?

    if i have multiple os-es in my pc does that harm pc health? once a system assembler told me this. but i dint believe that but still wanna verify.
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