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  • i usually upload it to file sharing site and share the link here. at least that way it never fails.
    you can use insert image from quick reply or upload to image sharing site and paste the link within the
    you came to know more about TVs, laptops, mobiles, etc. starting from a point when you had negligible knowledge about them, isn't it?! similarly you will keep learning more and more about AVRs, etc. as well when you start using one and reading about the allied tech. even i have minuscule knowledge on mobiles, etc., but still i somehow manage :p

    and many more people are there on various forums to discuss whenever you wish to ;)
    also, the sound quality, amp section, AVR, etc. are much more robust than their more consumer-oriented counterparts. the audio-management is better, the AVRs provide you with plenty of connectivity-options, including a lot of digital & analog inputs, whereas with the latter, its tough to find so many & you get mostly only one digital input, that too if you are lucky enough to get. moreover, you come to know what you are missing when you try to connect DVDp, STB, BDp, consoles, etc. to those systems. there can be plenty to write. some even say that its better to get robust local amp and couple them with custom-built/local wooden speakers than buying sony/samsung/LG, but i can say that i disagree with this. however, even just the point of having a good amp and AVR can alone suffice to say why for a good sum, its better to go with the AVR-based HTiBs.
    well, it could be long to explain. but i will try to sum it up in short. it can be said that as we go up to higher segments of HTiBs, its generally perceived that multi-product brands, esp. whose forte is something else, they don't really cut it out and cater to the customer who, since is willing to shell out more money, hence could be viewed as an informative buyer intending to utilise that kind of amount, with the same finesse in quality that could be expected for that sum; whereas with brands who deal in mostly one same-field products, they are perceived to provide with a matching quality sans price. for eg., home-theaters from multi-product brands costing 20-30k can be termed as mid-level offerings to customers, while similarly priced HTiBs from onkyo/denon/wharfedale/pioneer are only entry-level offerings from their side.
    no idea about battery backup. depends on user more than on chipset or bundled battery.
    ace duos (CDMA) has Adreno 200, same as my mobile. sadly even with overclock games won't run fluently. specially angry birds lag a lot. though i have tried many and less physics heavy games run without any issue. even ran Dead Space without breaking a sweat which is really high in details. but ace duos (GSM) has same processor as y which is really a crap one. so ace duos (CDMA) makes more sense. also i have no idea about Galaxy Y CDMA as google didn't reveal much about it.
    err. i think i am late in replying. can consider Ace Duos but the GSM one uses same Broadcomm processor as Y and many have said it lags a lot. that will be annoying. no idea how is the CDMA one that uses Qualcomm processor.
    yes, for auditioning, start with F6000, and then move upwards. i would advise you to take along some audio and MP3 CDs (preferably a discman if you have it) alongwith you for auditioning.
    the sony HT is good too. i had listened to one of them at croma long back, and the sound was very powerful (ie, good for your party needs). apart from that, it also has a player bundled in. just audition F6000 and such an HT, and then take your pick.
    oh yes! DA5000 Pro definitely needs a sound card. without that you won't feel its power. so cancel this option. now things are a bit simpler.

    F6000 'may' not need a sound card. i am not sure because i have only demoed them once. it was obviously without the sound card, and the sound felt good without the card too. but even then i would recommend you to buy topping TP30 or fiio E10. that would cost you about 4-5k. so in near about 11-12k, you will have a good set-up for you.
    since you are in delhi, call up cost-to-cost, and request them if they could arrange for a demo of F6000 for you. if not, there are still ample of stores that could have this system for demo, 'more' mall being one of them. you just need to trust your feet ;)
    although F6000 is loud enough, but if you still want to go higher, floorstanders are the way to go (mission, yamaha, DSE, wharfedale, etc). many people keep selling their used ones too. but for them, you will need to buy an amplifier too. do you have space to keep all these? let me know your room-size.
    partyboy, apart from F6000, F&D has F5090 too. it is louder than F6000, but mind you, its music performance is not at par. it only excels at movies and gaming. for your needs, F6000 will be very good! but it doesn't have an SD/MMC/USB slot, so be sure to hook it up with a good source. since you would be saving quite a lot if you get an F&D speaker, it would be a good idea to invest the saved amount in a good source like a CDP (preferably with burr-brown DAC).
    ok i see. but its only listed on FK and that too it says 'out of stock'. to check more on that, visit stores like vijay sales, reliance, sony, croma, etc. for speakers bundled with media players, it would be wise to personally audition them, as brands like LG & philips too have good budget 5.1 systems.

    f6000 is a monster at bass! but it doesnt have SD/MMC/USB ports. you will get those in another model, named F3000U. there's not much of a difference in edifier and f&d speakers at the same price range (may be a point of variation could be SQ at higher volumes, but i seldom use my speakers above 50).

    DA5000 Pro is more powerful that its younger sibling.

    the best thing you could do is audition as many as possible ;)
    another recommendation - search for DSE 5.1 floorstanding speakers set-up, as well as 'mission' floorstanding 5.1 speakers set-up. these are passive speakers and could be easily driven by a cheap and good amplifier like topping TP20, connected through your laptop. you would be blown away by their sound-power! but only advised if you have ample space at your place & don't mind the transferring woes if you have to shift them to some other location later. if you are interested, give me a few days' time. in the meanwhile, go and audition some speakers at reliance digital, 'more', etc.

    P.S. - if you decide to buy F6000, it could be bought at cost-to-cost for ~5.9k, which is a good deal.
    i see that the sony model is available only in the US. moreover, google couldn't come up with any substantial results on that. but since you would usually using your laptop & mobile on the set-up, it doesn't make much sense to invest in a sony/pioneer system then.

    F&D F6000 is very good, esp. considering your needs. it should even gel well with your mobile (although you may have to increase your volume on that a bit, since a mobile is a low-powered device). using it with your laptop, you would get great enough sound. i am getting a feeling that you intend to use the set-up just for your own personal use (ie, no family members, etc). in that case, i would recommend you to get a low-cost set-up, hook it up with a USB DAC like topping TP30 or Fiio E10, and enjoy! when in future you feel you've graduated to a level where you can now explore further options, then sell this set-up, and get a new, costlier, better, and advanced set-up!
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