1. setanjan123

    Faulty RAM?

    Hello. My PC had the no post no beep situation. My hw engnr bro cm and did sm tinkering around(remvd gfx crd nd pc startd 2 beep. Then re installd nd startd normaly). Dis was a fw days ago. 2day at mrning was playing Stalker. Ran smoothly wid no prblm. In evening when i trid 2 boot pc during...
  2. A

    Graphics card+Motherboard Issue

    Hi friends,I have the motherboard P4M800PRO,processor:Pentium 4 DDR2 and it has only a AGP 8pin slot.But without seeing that I ordered the ATI Radeon HD 6670 DDR3 from Flipkart which required PCI express 16 pin slot which I don't have.So I decided that I should change the motherboard and when...
  3. Romeo420


    My girlfriend is attracted to him and wants to kiss him.She told me this is one of her dreams.Now i am furious after hearing this.:x Please tell me what to do.
  4. D

    Samsung Galaxy S2 no 3G connection

    Hi all, I have a S2 which I have used to connect to the net using 3G(When I wan in Ahmedabad and Gingerbread OS) and than I updated to ICS using Odin. But now that I have moved to Gurgaon I have brought a new sim(Vodafone), I have activated the 109/- plan that gives a 300 MB of 3G usage...
  5. M

    Brainwavz M2 -Warranty Help(10 months old)

    Hi I have brought Brainwavz M2 online from Lynx Chandigarh - Largest Computers , Portable Audio , Electronics And Repair [ Maintenance ] Online / Offline Superstore In India [ Chandigarh ] 10 months ago. Now the right bud have some loose connection issue, it sometimes work sometimes not. When...
  6. N

    Montherboard query

    Hi everyone. I am facing problem with my HP laptop. I purchased an HP Pavilion dv2500 laptop from US.The laptop is not booting & nothing happens when you press power button. HP service centre told me that there is likely problem with motherboard but since the model has not been launched in...
  7. jonty

    cleaning touchscreen with colin

    guys i waana ask that can clean my samsung galaxy y screen with colin and microfiber cloth. i cleaned my wave 525 with colin but nothing happened. i asked local stores they told me to do so. one samsung customer care told me to do so and one didnot. plzz guys help me out and is there any...
  8. aroraanant

    [Praise] HTC Service

    I visited HTC Service Center at Lapat Nagar, New Delhi. My Incredible S screen has got 2-3 spots which were only visible when the screen was white and then also you have to tilt to phone to a particular angle to view, thought it was not a major issue but as my warranty was about to expire so I...
  9. Charley

    Record Calls on Nokia C5

    I want to record a call from Vodafone, for the 121 offers. The customer care tells me there is no such offer, but I told them it is available. Is it possible ?
  10. G

    [Query] Reliable Laptop Repair/Service centre in Bangalore

    guys, Suggest a reliable laptop repair shot in Bangalore. Please shed some light here as I need to repair my HP DV2800 series laptop. Its been 2 years ago I had a display problem. I bought this in the US & the problem occurred just aftre my warranty was over. I approached one service...
  11. T

    Stuck with broken processor, HELP.

    Guys, Mobo : Biostat TA790GX 128M AM2+ Proc : AMD Phenom II X2 550 BE The above mentioned proc accidentally got broken. I live in chennai. I went to Ritchie street to buy another compatible proc, found out the procs are not available in stores since they were outdated. Even second-hand...
  12. TheLetterD

    Internet not working on iPhone 3G

    My friend got his iPhone 3G from his cousin. Problem : Internet aint working. I told him to get it checked by his service provider, the guys over there told him that they can't get the APN settings so they can't help! I too faced a similar problem with my iPad, but I knew some guy in Airtel...
  13. Sarath

    Suggest me a cheap but reliable phone that can use whatsapp messenger

    This is for a friend with this specific request. BUDGET: I was told it has to be cheap. I assumed it to be below 10k but it actually could be much lower Has to be new. Should be good and reliable, she's coming from a nokia, If I give her a sub-10k android recommendation I will most likely...
  14. M

    Afraid of rejection - SAP interview

    Hi all, I had an interview at SAP Labs last Sunday (Feb. 5th). The interviewer gave me his cell phone number and told me that I can call him (after the interview finished) for further questions about SAP. This was me second interview for a QAE - student position. He told me that...
  15. TheLetterD

    Battery Pack for Dell Inspiron 15

    Its a 2.5 year old Laptop I need to know which company battery should I go for My local computer wallah told me the Dell one is for 4K Please tell me what is the right price for it?
  16. funskar

    mb back panel missing

    mods as i don't know were to post thread .. plz forgive me.. i bought this gigabyte z68xp-ud4 motherboard from this guy here.. And recieved it yesterday from dtdc courier .. * As...
  17. TheLetterD

    Xperia X10 Mini

    Umm hey guys Long time back I had a 5800 , but I broke it by stepping on it. My parents told me the only way I can get a new phone is by scoring good marks. In 11th grade. In Non Med :O I know right? So Now Im using my friend's helper's Nokia 1280 :cryeyesout: , after the helper got a new...
  18. G

    LCD Screen Cleaning

    Hi guys, Can you guys recommend / explain how to clean the LCD panels (TV and Monitor)? I googled, but not clear enough. Any Good product available in market? I checked with Samsung service guy, he told me to use mineral water sprinkled in a dry cloth and clear... but not sure to go...
  19. curioustechy

    pdf search

    I've scanned a document and as my scanner is having provision to save directly as a pdf file, I did that. But later on when I searched a word in that document, though its there it didn't turn up. One of my colleague told that you have to convert the scanned pdf files to OMR format. What is that...
  20. P

    External Harddrive not working

    I bought an external hard drive from Amazon and got it through a friend. It's a Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk 2 TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive STAC2000106. It's new and the drive wont even power up and the Accel service centre in Coimbatore where i hail from has told me there is no way they can...
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