1. heartripple

    PC keeps rebooting

    For last three months I am facing the problem of rebooting. When I try to turn on the pc 7 times out of 10 it just don't pass the POST and reboots itself within 2-3 seconds. And when it boots up properly i can use it for 15-20 minutes in most cases and after that all of a sudden it gets...
  2. BakBob

    ASUS Laptop not recognising HDD

    HDD not recognised by my ASUS GL552JX Laptop. BIOS just doesn't show the SATA controller as a connected device. But when I removed the HDD and connected to my PC via external adapter, everything is fine. Is this a BIOS issue or a HDD issue or the SATA port issue? Because SATA port seems to be...
  3. ajayritik

    Galaxy Note 2 Fell in water

    It was one of my trip for my birthday and I dropped the phone in the sea water yesterday. I left the phone for around 1-2 hours after removing battery etc. After coming back home I kept phone for charging and when I switched on the phone I saw a white/yellow screen and a red light blinking on...
  4. seamon

    Lenovo Y500 Disassembled.

    Today I disassembled my Lenovo Y500 to repaste TIM but ended up doing an extremely lousy job. I guess I have to do it again. After opening LID. Keyboard removed. The motherboard... ...dismantled. I think I applied too much.
  5. I

    Query regarding replacing touchpad of lenovo y510p

    hey, I have an ideapad y510p. My touchpad has sunk a little bit down and was making a loud CUt sound that we have when we press right click. so they agreed to change it to synaptics one from elan. I have read about many users getting theirs exchanged last year of y500. The question of anyone...
  6. powerhoney

    CyanogenMod Installer removed from Google Play

    Source:CyanogenMod Installer removed from Google Play God!!! When did Google start acting like Microsoft and Apple!!! That was totally uncalled for... :-x:-x:-x Next thing you know, they'll even lock the bootloaders of the Moto Gs by the time they reach this Country!!! :-x
  7. N

    PC not starting

    Hello guys, I need some help here. Yesterday when i pressed the power button on cabinet to start PC, the front LED fan in cabinet and CPU fan started for a bit (like 2-3 seconds) & then it stopped all of sudden. This is why i am not able to boot the machine. Also, whenever i turn on the main...
  8. V

    Power on Fans running but no boot no beep

    Hi , When i power on my desktop Cabinet fans are running , CPU fan is running , DVD writer & HDD is also getting power. But there is no booting... there is no beep... monitor has no display. I have tried doing the following : I removed cmos battery and re-inserted it but still...
  9. jsjs

    Help! Ubuntu 13 installation failure

    I installed ubuntu 13.04 a few days ago. after that i removed ubuntu (why?? i dont know). it was as follows - firstly i deleted the partition on which ubuntu was installed and merged it into another partition(Local Disk F). then i removed grub using easyBCD. and at last on F there was a folder...
  10. SlashDK

    PC not starting after cleaning

    I decided to do the annual physical cleanup of my PC today. Got a bit more zealous than usual and so removed HSF and Graphic card and cleaned them properly. I also removed the CMOS battery (my PC wasn't keeping any date/time info b/w restarts) and reinserted it properly. Now after assembling it...
  11. flyingcow

    [Complaint] Satan sent RAM- HYNIX

    After a vacation of about 4-5 days, I switched on my pc, checked net speed (Recent ddos, cablecuts) and opened TDF. Immediately my PC hanged, I couldnt move my mouse, keyboard was dead and the red sensor of my mouse wasnt showing up. So i had to turn it off directly :( , but when I switched on I...
  12. T

    how to stop getting this message? "atheros pcie ethernet contoller"

    I hv win 8 pro installed on my pc. recently I attached another hard disk of my old pc to this one and since then I get this strange message everytime I start or restart my pc. its realy annoying that it stays for a pretty while and slows down my pc's startup. otherwise my win 8 use to startup in...
  13. ramakanta

    Remove 3G modem in Win7

    I have Huawei 3G modem. after disconnected internet , i want to remove my modem . but i couldn't remove it. this problem faced only Win7. in case win XP it perfectly removed. please help me how to resolve this problem. thank you. *
  14. GhorMaanas

    [For Sale] SteelSeries Merc Stealth Gaming Keyboard

    1. Product on sale: SteelSeries Merc Stealth 2. Price: 2300/- shipped. 3. Reason for sale: Not using it anymore. 4. Product condition: 9.7/10. 5. Invoice: Available, but not needed now 6. Warranty: No (elapsed) 7. Location of product/seller: Thane/Mumbai 8.Shipping Charge: Included...
  15. A

    cheapest way of stocking large amount of multimedia

    Hi My Multimedia exceeds those of 2tb. Mostly consists of hd series and movies. Now my prob is i need some cheap way of storing the ones which me or my friends might see like once a while. Have almost removed all unwanted stuffs. I think i might have to go for dvds backup. Any good offers for...
  16. sam9953

    Why does my PC does not startup once I have removed the RAM sticks?

    Hi guys, I am using a very old PC. A few years back I bought two RAM sticks of 1 GB each. Before putting those sticks in my cabinet my PC was working fine on the RAM of 256 mb which I had got when I bought the computer, but after buying those two sticks I never removed them. Today I planned to...
  17. R

    Problem (pc randomly rebooting)

    sir. For past -2 years my seondarypc was working fine .but now its random rebooting so did the following Removed all unwanted connectors and tried booting. still rebooted in few minutes 2 removed. RAM modules -no 3 veal sound 3 cleaned the pc. with blower and removed dusts and applied...
  18. NoasArcAngel

    is cs 1.6 dead?

    well following the recent events and people who keep up with them. Cs 1.6 has now been officially removed from Intel Extreme Masters and World Cyber Games. What do you guys think about this ?
  19. A

    CPU fan problem.. stopped working.

    From last 3 days .. i have been getting error, "CPU overheat .. shutdown.. one of the fan must have stopped working.".. yesterday .. i removed my MOBO, removed my CPU Heatsink and the fan.. cleaned it .. and re-fitted it... the computer starts .. but the CPU does not start. the computer...
  20. vasulic

    Problem with GOOGLE CROME

    Hi, I have problem with Google crome whenever I type to search something in Crome it redirects to a location shown below file:///C:/Users/xyz/AppData/Roaming/Google_Toolbar/Google_Toolbar/ I uninstalled and reinstalled Crome several times but no use. I ran...
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