ASUS Laptop not recognising HDD


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HDD not recognised by my ASUS GL552JX Laptop. BIOS just doesn't show the SATA controller as a connected device. But when I removed the HDD and connected to my PC via external adapter, everything is fine.

Is this a BIOS issue or a HDD issue or the SATA port issue? Because SATA port seems to be fine (the connections from what I can tell)
The HDD also seems to work just fine.


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Hi BakBob,

It could be some more possible reason for the issue like Hardware faulty, compatibility, SATA cable issue and BIOS settings.

I’d like to check with you, did you make any current changes in PC? Could you give me some more details about that? For the meantime, I suggest you some basic troubleshooting steps that may help you to solve the issue.

Option 1:
Check the power management in Windows or the BIOS menu as well to see what all options are on and which ones are off.

Option 2:
Update the Motherboard drivers and then after reinstall the USB latest drivers.

Option 3:
Try a different port on MOBO to make sure that the problem is with the port.

Hope it helps.


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Could be a loose connection with your sata cable that goes to the HDD, what sounds weird however is that "random colored blocks"... could be something worse going on, in any case first thing to do is to open the laptop to verify your HDD cable connection, if still under warranty better take it to tech support.
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