[Complaint] Satan sent RAM- HYNIX


After a vacation of about 4-5 days, I switched on my pc, checked net speed (Recent ddos, cablecuts) and opened TDF. Immediately my PC hanged, I couldnt move my mouse, keyboard was dead and the red sensor of my mouse wasnt showing up. So i had to turn it off directly :( , but when I switched on I got those annoying beeps, I had them before too, so I opened my cabinet and removed my ram. I have 2 sticks, first is of ADATA and second one is of HYNIX. The hynix used to give me problems earlier too. So I removed the hynix ram and cleaned it, I put it in again but the beeps continued.

I didnt know if cleaning would solve the problem so I let it cool down. Now the monitor wont catch the signals. So again I cleaned the dusty VGA ports on both ends. The problem persisted. Being frustrated I was going to go get a new DVI or vga wire. but then I decided to give it a last try. I switched on the PC then a screen with the "press f10 for setup" came in. I was very happy , but it hanged there, so again I tried it a few times, no luck. then again the PC started beeping. I decided to remove the shittyy ram and I threw it away. The PC started working normally again. I have to bear with this noob PC till I get my new one :( . I dont even know how that ram got in there, probably those noob cybercafe waalas. So now my question is, I run win vista 32 bit, and I have 1 adata 2gig ram. Will that be sufficient for me?? daily activities and light gaming ??? 32 bit only supports 3.XX ram so is it worth to buy a new onee????



2 gb on windows 7 is really good..
You will find, it is much faster than vista
My laptop used to run on 2GB just fine
BTW if it is DDR3 RAM, then it is very cheap (You can get a 2GB stick for 500-600 Rs now)


> Well I'm too using a pair of Hynix Rams :p

> 2 GB is okay, but WTH are you using Vista? An upgrade to 7 or 8 will be a good idea.

Replace them ASAP, but cant say about DDR3, but DDR2 Hynix= Dont BUY!!!!!

I actually wanted to upgrade from XP to 7 but, it said, to upgrade I must first install vista.(IDK about custom method, where you have to format), So i installed vista nad was too lazy to upgrade to win7, will upgrade to win8 in my new PC.
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