1. sling-shot

    HTC Explorer Discussion Thread

    Has any of the HTC Explorer owners here tried Firefox Mobile on it? I could not install it on a friend's Samsung Galaxy Y because it needs 512 MB RAM. But since HTC Explorer has a low 90 MB of user storage, how will it work day-to-day, if Firefox Mobile can be installed there...
  2. kool

    Can Firefox v12 run like opera mini ? (low image quality for surfing faster on GPRS)

    I've windows 7 & firefox 12 and Airtel GPRS 30kbps. In my mobile opera mini works at blazing speed because of low quality image setting in opera min. But i want to know that is it possible to set image quality to low to load webpage faster in FIREFOX or CHROME? :wink:
  3. phil2097

    firefox address bar showing mtnl search

    i am using firefox 11.0 and whenever i enter anything on my address bar and hit "enter" it used to go to google search and show me the results. But now instead of that it is showing me MTNL search on all the searches i make using the address bar where you normally type in the url. i tried...
  4. RCuber

    Has the quality of Firefox gone down recently?

    I am noticing a drastic performance drop in the recent builds of Firefox. I have only 4 extensions installed at home, NoScript, AdBlock, Download Helper, and one more. The startup time is pathetic, opening TFD, Gmail and youtube simultaneously via bookmarks causes it to hang for 5-6...
  5. Anish

    Firefox freezes often

    Hi friends, I have this problem in firefox. Scenario 1: I open one site (say thinkdigit) on firefox, before displaying the page, firefox freezes for 20 seconds Scenario 2: I have digit site opened in one tab, I open wikipedia on other tab, and return to digit..After a while, (when the...
  6. M

    Download Mozilla FireFox 10 from FTP

    Here are the official FTP links for downloading Firefox 10: For Windows (15.1 MB): For Mac (31.4 MB)...
  7. mitraark

    Not Found/Error404 in Firefox/Epic Browser

    I am very often [ but not always , menas they are not blocked ] getting these errors in Firefox and Epic Browsers [ only, the sites open fine in Google Chrome, Apple Safari , Opera and Internet Explorer ] When this error shows , i have to refresh the page around 7-8 times, then the page might...
  8. Siddharth_1

    Unable to update firefox...

    I use windows 7. When i start firefox it promts for an update which i allow it to do. But then it shows an error something like, "firefox is unable to update. there might be some other version of firefox on your computer". The same problem happened last time and i had to remove firefox and...
  9. socrates

    Firefox 8 is here

    Latest ver of Firefox is available now Mozilla Firefox Web Browser — Free Download & Thunderbird Mozilla Thunderbird *
  10. meetdilip

    Windows 7 Ready Boost not working

    I use Windows 7 Ulitmate. Don't know why, my system has slowed down a lot these days. Especially Firefox. I switched back to Firefox 5 from 7.0.1 and thing are lot better now. I used TuneUp Utilities, Ccleaner etc without much success. When I checked " Resource Monitor ", it seems Firefox is...
  11. socrates

    Chrome poised to take No. 2 browser spot from Firefox

    StatCounter's data points to a December 2011 take-over by Google's browser. Chrome poised to take No. 2 browser spot from Firefox - Computerworld
  12. Krow

    Firefox 7 (with memory leak fix) is here

    Mozilla Firefox Web Browser — Free Download I am yet to check it out but initial tests show that FF 7 consumes slightly more memory at startup but actively frees up unused RAM with usage. It consumed less RAM than Opera with 9 tabs open here: Browser Speed Tests: Firefox 7, Chrome 14...
  13. bijay_ps

    Firefox Boolmarks and history

    Hey frndz I want to access the sites which I bookmarks and my saved passwords in my PC's firefox browser from anywhere, any system having any OS. Is there anyway to do this?? Plz do reply
  14. K

    Sub menu empty

    Hi Guys, Mozilla Firefox 6.0.2 on Windows XP Home Edition. When we click on the start and then on Mozilla Firefox,there should a sub menu for Mozilla Firefox,But there is no sub menu and there is no SAFE MODE OPTION. Internet speed on using Mozilla Firefox is very slow and problematic. I...
  15. nisargshah95

    Enable new UI in Firefox 6

    [SOLVED] Enable new UI in Firefox 6 I have just updated to Firefox 6 but the UI still remains like the one in FF4 betas. Do do I enable/make it look like the new UI which doesn't have the title and menu bars? Thanks in advance.
  16. MetalheadGautham

    Firefox 6 is here!!!

    Mozilla Firefox Web Browser — Free Download And this does not even seem like news. Mozilla's been upping the version number faster than the breeding rate of mosquitoes at the nearby garbage dump. Here's an interesting read that sums up a lot of my views: Firefox 6: Four Reasons Not to...
  17. K

    Idm troubles

    Hi Guys, I installed IDM TRAIL VERSION ON Windows XP Home Edition. But I uninstalled it from ADD OR REMOVE. But whenever online when on Mozilla Firefox, it asks to install it automatically and frequently by showing a Dialog Box. How to remove it completely?
  18. K

    Font size?

    Hi Guys It relates to Windows XP Home Edition(2),Mozilla Firefox 5.0.1 and TVS MSP 250 Champion. When online, I give printing,selecting what I need, increasing the font size in Mozilla Firefox itself,but there is no increase in font size at the time of printing. What are the ways to increase...
  19. sukesh1090

    firefox problem

    guys when i use hardware acceleration option in firefox everything gets blurred and fonts won't be visible correctly but if i disable it everything works fine. why is so?
  20. omega44-xt

    Firefox delay..

    I'm using Mozilla Firefox 5. When i was using Firefox 4 it took 5-7 min to start. Then i upgraded to Firefox 5. For few days it was working fine. Then a problem started. The problem is that it starts only when when internet is disconnected(I use dial up settings). When my net is connected i does...
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