1. digit i am thinking

    You tube problem.

    Whenever i want watch any video most of time it says that "this video is no longer available". But same video can be able download using firefox plug in.If it is downloable then why it can't be viewable? This happens with most of videos even with latest videos. why this happens...
  2. T

    FireFox VS InternetExplorer VS Chrome

    These days, Internet Explorer browser is not the only available option. There are so many browsers with great amount of penetration in the market along with so many extra features. Currently, I can see four browsers in the cyberspace battling for supremacy. lets see some of the interesting...
  3. A

    Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 out now

    Read more here:* Download from here:*
  4. X

    Firefox maliciuos website ...

    Hello, I read in another forum that a well known *ahem* site now pops up a malicious website message in Firefox 3.And indeed it does.I checked it myself. Now I want to know how come Firefox does it ? I mean when we type a site address in the browser it connects to the DNS server,gets the ip of...
  5. unni

    Trojan Posing as Firefox Plug-in Harvests Logins

    Source: *
  6. M

    Firefox help!

    Hey guys i have firefox version 2.0.18. All sites including youtube open n run smoothly on it . but when i run metacafe videos all windows ,webpages opened in firefox crash. Why is it so? Pls reply.Thanx.
  7. T

    Firefox Plugins Can Help Conserve Power

    Researchers at SecTheory have come up with an interesting observation - they say that Firefox plug-ins like NoScript and Adblock Plus help in conserving power. According to the study, website elements that seem to consume maximum power even after the page has loaded are the Flash animations...
  8. M

    Tutorial: How to Move the Firefox Disk Cache To Another Drive

    By default, Firefox automatically allocates 50MB for its disk cache and stores it in the “cache” directory located in the same drive where the browser is installed. Users can view the cache directory location by typing about:config in the Firefox address bar. Disk cache is a mechanism for...
  9. H

    browser crash

    My browsers crashes the moment i open a flash site ( It happens both with firefox as well as IE 7. I use Win Vista, and have applied the latest patches. Recently I installed the Adobe flash 10 update. It was working fine for a few hours before this started. I use firefox version...
  10. M

    Firefox query

    hi !! recently i upgraded my computer and got winxp on new hdd . .now the new hdd is sata and the old one IS IDE ,, i have firerfox installed on my old system and oodles of favourites saved ... now the question is how do i import those favourites from old hdd on my newly installed firefox on new...
  11. Sathish

    How is Firefox 3.1 beta 1..

    mozilla has launched firefox 3.1. beta version.. Firefox 3.1 Beta 1 is based on the Gecko 1.9.1 rendering platform, which has been under development for the past 6 months. Gecko 1.9.1 is an incremental release on the previous version with significant changes to improve...
  12. S

    firefox image blocking is not working

    i cnt block all images for 1 site using firefox i even reinstalled firefox but to no use:confused:
  13. M

    firefox 3.0.4 launched

  14. naveen_reloaded

    ~~ Must Have Firefox Add-On Recommended By Digitians ~~

    Hi guys ... To say the truth ... I was a hardcore Opera Browser fan ... I didn't like Firefox that much before... , though it was bloated , just like IE ... But now things have changed .. after Many useful Add-ons and many other stuff ... Firefox has become my Default browser... All Because...
  15. RCuber

    Firefox add-ons related query.

    Why so many Firefox add-ons do not have verified authors? Should I trust that add-on even though it opensource and firefox tells me that the author is not verified!!! is Firefox add-ons sandboxed? This is one of the most important reason why I stay away from addons in firefox :( , I havent...
  16. evewin89

    How to enable firefox online mode in Linux?

    Hello everyone, I m new to Linux & I m not able to browse any web site using firefox I m using red hat AS & it is connected to the internet using indicom plug to surf modem. Plz help. :confused:
  17. desiibond

    Firefox market share now at 20 percent

    IE has 71 percent of market share now. source : *,2845,2334049,00.asp
  18. IronManForever

    Top 3 Mozilla Firefox 4 Features

    Source Top 3 Mozilla Firefox 4 Features For Next Generation Browsing Experience
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