1. D

    Problem with Firefox on uploading pictures in facebook

    I am unable to upload pictures with Photo/video button of facebook with firefox browser. I tried several suggested methods obtained by googling like updating browser, java plugin, resetting and finally reinstalling firefox. But, the problem remains the same. It may be mentioned that photos can...
  2. Zangetsu

    Times of India Ad block issue

    I read Timesofindia on Firefox and facing this weird issue of Adblock in Firefox. The Homepage opens perfectly, but when I try to open a news url..all I get is a Adblock detected page. Even though I have removed Adblock plugin from Firefox the issue still persists. The same issue is...
  3. B

    Recover data and stuff from a corrupted OS

    Hi Guys, My friends pc with xp has got corrupted. It is not even booting up properly. He has few important files on the desktop, how to retrieve them if we boot using HBCD or Ubuntu? I mean IDK how to open desktop once we boot via them. Also he needs the history of his sites visited in...
  4. bajaj151

    Lenovo G50 45: No smooth browsing

    Laptop link: Lenovo G50-45 Notebook (APU Quad Core A8/ 4GB/ 500GB/ Free Dos/ 2GB Graph) (80E300GYIN) Rs.24490 Price in India - Buy Lenovo G50-45 Notebook (APU Quad Core A8/ 4GB/ 500GB/ Free Dos/ 2GB Graph) (80E300GYIN) Black Online - Lenovo : 1) Browser: Firefox (updated) 2)...
  5. M

    Firefox shows as Untrusted Connection

    I have just upgraded to Windows 10 (clean install) and installed all my usual stuffs. The problem is that while using Firefox 40.0.2 I am not able to go to sites like google (I get the message that the connection is Untrusted). Even for sites like Yahoo, all I see are hyperlinks and plain texts...
  6. Desmond

    Mozilla Firefox discussion megathread

    This thread is dedicated to discussions, announcements and troubleshooting of the greatest Open Source browser in the market - Mozilla Firefox Links: Download - Download Firefox — Free Web Browser — Mozilla Marketplace - Firefox Marketplace Addons - Add-ons for Firefox Firefox for Android...
  7. ico

    Firefox for Android.

    Is the best browser available for the platform. Chrome is Internet Explorer 6 now. No tabs anymore. Slow. Crashes. Eats up batter. No Adblock/Extensions. Another problem with Webkit based browsers is - auto-download of APKs on some websites, automatic opening of Play Store on some websites...
  8. mikael_schiffer

    Chrome browser Youtube problem

    I have this problem only with Chrome All other websites work properly The thing is i hate Firefox and IE. I wanna keep using Chrome. How to fix this? - - - Updated - - - ps. Video shows as "Unavailable" Cant watch any Youtube videos from Chrome
  9. C

    firefox error "the name server refuses to perform the specified operation"

    Hi guys, I don't know whats wrong with my browser it is throwing up some error on most of the sites that I visit does not have a * at the beginning of the address only some sites like FB and other manage to get the HTTP and some I get the following error screenshot this happens in...
  10. G

    script fault on every web page

    Hi, I am getting a script fault on almost every page I open in firefox. (Unable to attach either jpegg/pdf files !) Also a popup many times asking me to download the ilivid download manager. Specs: Win Vista, Firefox 19.0.2, Dell Latitude D630. Mcafee Pls help.
  11. B

    What happened to my opera Title Bar..?

    i have reinstalled my win 7 from 32bit to 64bit yesterday. then i installed opera 26.0. But the task bar is not clear, i don't know what is the reason. my firefox is fine. Any one know what is the reason for this i have added image.
  12. ico

    Just donated to Firefox!

    Feeling good. Only a small donation of $3. I was a Netscape user and shifted to Firefox when 0.8 PR was released. Then Opera became my default browser for a good 3 years, and then Firefox again. Firefox 1.0 was released around the same time 10 years back. So felt like doing it.
  13. Vyom

    Mozilla developing a browser for web designers

    Mozilla has announced that it will unveil a new browser on November 10, which will be “built by developers for developers.” Developers can sign up to receive an email update as soon as the browser is available. The new browser is based on Firefox and will have debugging capabilities and...
  14. GhorMaanas

    Download-hiccups in DownThemAll & Firefox

    Hello! some days back, i had uninstalled and reinstalled firefox to a different location on my pc. hadn't deleted user data and add-ons. after that, i was trying to download evernote, using downthemall and firefox's native downloader, but the file would simply not download. DTA would give the...
  15. sling-shot

    Android application data sync in Firefox

    I have disabled auto sync in my Android phone. I have been using Firefox sync since the beginning happily. However it looks like the newer version of Firefox sync uses this auto sync setting for syncing its data. How can I setup my phone so that only Firefox is allowed to auto sync and no one...
  16. kaz

    Firefox not playing YouTube videos.

    Firefox isn't playing YT videos :-x
  17. R

    Intex Firefox Smartphone Announced for less than Rs 2,000

    Intex today announced its association with Mozilla Firefox to bring the world’s most affordable smartphone, Cloud FX, the first Firefox OS device to India Priced in the sub Rs 2000 category, the smartphone will be targeted at first time smartphone users in tier II cities and rural areas and is...
  18. G

    SysWOW64 folder pops up

    hi digit, my uncle has an hp laptop just a month old. A window with the folder C:\Windows\SysWOW64 pops up often and while he is working in some apps e.g. in firefox the taskbar doesn't auto hide. Why is this happening? How to disable it?
  19. A

    problem with firefox

    dear friends, when i scroll down the page in firefox everything fade away. i am giving screenshot. please help
  20. ithehappy

    Why Chrome loads Youtube videos faster than Firefox?

    I am a Mozilla Firefox user, but lately when my broadband connection is slow I found that Chrome loads Youtube videos faster than Firefox. On Firefox it gets stuck, but with Chrome it keeps playing and the quality changes automatically from 480/360p to 144p when connection gets even slower. Why...
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