1. bukaida

    Youtube without sound in Firefox 25

    I am not getting any sound in youtube under mozila firefox. However the sound is coming perfect in IE. The latest version of flash player is installed in both the cases. What should I do? My Rig INTEL p4 HT 2.8GHz with 3 GB RAM and Intel 865 GBF MB(original) and win 7 Home premium
  2. stellar

    Copy Paste in FireFox

    I have been using Firefox for quite a long time but this problem, i am facing just now. When i try to copy the url in firefox browser it wont get copied easily instantly. After highlighting and pressing ctrl+c for many times only it gets copied and i can post. It wors fine with other browser i...
  3. H

    Mozilla Firefox Hangs

    Pls help me, My browser (Mozilla Firefox) hangs very often My system config is: Intel Core 2 Duo E4600@2.40GHz RAM 2GB OS Windows XP Home Edition SP3 Shall I upgrade my RAM??
  4. harshilsharma63

    Firefox automatically deleting cache

    hi. As the title says, my Firefox cache is being automatically being deleted. I've disabled the "Clear cache on exit", removed Fifefox from CCleaner and all other system cleanup apps. I have a slow connection so I'm very much dependent on cache. Last time, It grew to 50 MB and then got...
  5. C

    Internet Download Manager Problem

    [Solved] Internet Download Manager Problem I have installed Internet Download Manager (IDM) on my laptop, it does not take over download from chrome, firefox or IE and download the file through browser. I have re installed IDM , IE, Chrome and firefox too, but the problem still exist. Any...
  6. CommanderShawnzer

    Firefox & Chrome Hanging/Freezing

    I'm having freezing problems with both my FF & Chrome browsers. Whenever i browse a site(i usually open 2-3 tabs) it randomly freezes(not responding) This first started with my Chrome browser,so then i got fed up and started using firefox,And now it happens with firefox too. I've tried using...
  7. CommanderShawnzer

    Wi-Fi auto Disconnects?

    Ok,well yesterday after playing Dota 2,I alt-tabbed and tried to access a live-blog site for the Xbox reveal The Wi-Fi automatically got disconnected. :| I checked in the "Connect to a Network Tab" and found out that my Wi-Fi router/network does not appear So i restarted my Laptop,and saw...
  8. Desmond

    Spyware used by governments poses as Firefox, Mozilla displeased.

    Source : Spyware used by governments poses as Firefox, and Mozilla is angry | Ars Technica India, really?
  9. A

    Firefox hangs

    Firefox hangs and freezes the moment i start it. I have reinstalled it but still it freezes. I removed the antivirus (avira) and firewall (comodo) but no change. Can't even enter safe mode it hangs. Screenshots: and os win7 x64, amd fx 8350m 8gb ram, firefox version 20 Please help.. :(
  10. lakeport

    The Alternative Browser thread

    Well most of the people know only a few web browsers. The most popular browsers i've heard of are the usual chrome/FF/opera. So i've decided to compile a list of alternative browsers that i've used. Feel free to add your own. If i am unable to update this thread for some reason, i request the...
  11. ramakanta

    Portable Apps 4 USB mass storage device users..

    Okay, all of you .. You ever want to have a host of programs that you can take with you? Well, now you can. Some of the most common freeware/Open Source Windows programs have been specially built to be used FROM USB devices... - Portable software for USB, portable...
  12. maninder4k

    Firefox Android for ARMv6 exits Beta mode

    Firefox Android for ARMv6 exits Beta mode & now the simple Firefox which gets installed on ARMv7 or advance processors now can be installed on ARMv6 processors Android phones. But the minimum requirements remains the same i.e. At least 800 MHz processor with 512 MB RAM. Update Details : Go &...
  13. nisargshah95

    'The connection is untrusted' problem

    Recently I have been facing this problem with my web browser (Firefox 16) wherein it displays 'The connection is untrusted' page even when I access Gmail or other secure sites. I have tried deleting the 'profile' folder in Firefox but it didn't help; the error also shows up in IE 9 (a...
  14. Siddharth_1

    Code displayed on opening ASP page in browser

    I dont know why but ASP isnt working properly in web browsers(IE, Firefox, Safari). ASP code is displayed in the browser instead of the output. I didnt do anything to any ASP settings since last time it was working. Even a simple code like this isnt woking: Tried clearing cache using...
  15. aaruni

    Digit favicon not shown

    Hey guys, In my Safari in windows 7 home basic, the digit favicon is not seen as the "d" that is supposed to be there. I can see the favicon from chrome and firefox from the same computer.
  16. kg11sgbg

    Problem in Firefox Browser

    I have updated to Firefox 13.0.1 in Windows 7 ,but a peculiar problem is cropping up. The Home page is set to Google ,new tabs also have speed dial successfully installed. When the browser opens,the page contents shifts towards the RIGHT side of the Monitor,truncating half of the page...
  17. TechnoFan

    Where does Firefox 14 cache youtube videos on disk?

    Quick question: Where does Firefox 14 cache youtube videos on disk? I cleaned my firefox cache, watched a 5 min youtube video and then looked in the C:\Users\<User Name>\AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xxxxx.default folder, but there wasn't any video file. Well, I sorted all files...
  18. A

    Resume not working

    I have a 32-bit Win 7 running in my laptop. The resume feature is not being supported by my system for almost all applications like Idm, Fdm, iTunes, Firefox download etc. I have tried reinstalling each of them, but it doesn't work. Please help. PS: I dont want to reinstall my OS.
  19. thetechfreak

    Firefox for Android goes Native

    Firefox for Android goes Native
  20. D

    Problem with Firefox and Chrome

    I can log in to BSNL Portal from IE8 and Firefox latest version but attempt to log in through chrome shows time out message from the portal. Earlier I was able to connect through chrome. I uninstalled chrome several times and re-installed it but the problem remains. With firefox I was able to...
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