1. Zangetsu

    Avast is set to acquire AVG for $1.3 billion

    The deal has been approved by the management and supervisory boards of Avast and AVG and involves Avast buying out AVG’s outstanding ordinary shares at $25 each. The total value of the deal is around $1.3 billion. AVG is a publicly traded company so the deal will first have to be approved by...
  2. Subhankar Mondal

    Many personal queries .

    I have a lot of questions expecting your suggestions. Since it contains matters of many fields, I am posting it here. Kindly help. My name is Subhankar mondal. From westbengal. Ami bangali. 1)What is the best and reliable website to recharge mobile? 2)I am using free AVAST antivirus. It...
  3. A

    need help regarding virus

    dear friends, i am facing strange prob when surfing net. when i click any where in a web page,my browser automaticlly strat a new window whose address is www.cvkpgp.com. is it a safe site or a phishing attack.other prob is there are numerous small windows pops up in my browser...
  4. akhilc47

    avast vs windows defender in windows 7

    I was using avast free version for a long time, however recently when i tried to share my internet through wifi to phone it caused problems (I can connect but can't browse or download in phone). I had to uninstall avast to make shared internet work on my phone. So I was thinking, would it be...
  5. aal-ok

    Drive woes

    I've got a lenovo g530 lpatop, I installed win 7 64bit on the system ,I tried to install avast and eset nod 32 ,but they wont install so I tried installing it in safe mode, avast installed but whenever I am trying to open it "Side-by-side configuration is incorrect" error occurs, so I tried...
  6. NiGHtfUrY

    Windows 7-the memory could not be written ERROR HELP

    My rig is in my siggy. Heres a screen shot of the error I was just browsing on facebook when this happened. Only recent changes i made are installing avast and unisalling avg. This is the first error of this sort that i have received on this pc or rather any sort,error free since...
  7. CommanderShawnzer

    Firefox & Chrome Hanging/Freezing

    I'm having freezing problems with both my FF & Chrome browsers. Whenever i browse a site(i usually open 2-3 tabs) it randomly freezes(not responding) This first started with my Chrome browser,so then i got fed up and started using firefox,And now it happens with firefox too. I've tried using...
  8. TheLetterD

    Which Anti-Virus/I.S. to go for?

    Okay so recently I used an old External HDD on my PC. The last time I used this one (160GB, Lacie) I was using WinXP on my PC(Yep, that old), and I found a Virus called Win 32:Kackucha. Did a bit of googling, wild-arse virus. So a quick question (that MAY be followed up with another one)...
  9. Sarath

    Problem accessing files in portable HDD - virus infected

    I recently lent my portable HDD to a friend and on returning it seems to have become a dud. All my folders appear as short cuts which link to the same file "G:\teudu.scr". G drive is the port HDD. I ran a scan to find a few viruses which I failed to note down (my bad) using Avast. The HDD...
  10. K

    uninstallation file needed or not

    Hi Guys, *I want to uninstall AVAST 7.0.1474 from my OS Windows XP Professional. Is there any need for getting any unistallation file from AVAST to get it uninstalled? *Do AVAST FREE AND ZONEALARM COPE WITH EACH OTHER OR NOT?
  11. K

    How to change settings?

    Hi Guys, All of the following relate to Windows XP Professional. *How to disable Automatic updating in Windows Word 2007? *Though I change the time in Date and Time properties in Task Bar, the time changes wrongly and automatically. How to change the settings for correct time? *I have...
  12. true_lies

    avast update error

    i have the avast free antivirus installed on win XP lappy. it does not updates the virus database on its own, even though its set on auto. and the manual updates dont work tried to uninstall it but it shows an 'error reading product data' error. and i cant even delete the folder. what to do?
  13. masterkd

    Thinking of buying AVast Internet Security! Needs suggestion.

    I am using Avast Internet Security(legal) for a while. Now my license is expiring within 25 days, so thinking of renewing this. So should I go with this or some other (paid/free) security suite will be better?? Advanced thanks for your valuable suggestion.
  14. pramudit

    Avast Antivirus Madness

    This is the second time madness done by my Avast antivirus.. the story is as follows... I was working on my computer and everything was working fine... I wasnt connected to the internet and to remove samsung kies and to make sure it is completely removed, i restored my computer... Restoration...
  15. Hsakarp_kahtap

    Free avast! Internet Security 6 – 6 months license

    avast! Internet Security provides complete antivirus, anti-spyware, antispam, and firewall protection, complemented now by new avast! SafeZone™ technology. It creates an isolated virtual desktop, invisible to any possible attacker, where you can do your online shopping and banking securely...
  16. K

    Disabling the one how?

    Hi Guys, It relates to Windows XP Home Edition. I have got AVAST FREE ANTI VIRUS(VERSION 6.0.1289).You know there should not be two Anti-virus on the same system. I want to install and check another Internet security anti-virus software.Then,how to install the new one and CHECK IT without...
  17. K

    Disabling how?

    Hi Guys, I have got Avast Free Antivirus(6.0.1203). I want to prevent some of the applications on my computer from using my internet connection for their updates and for all other purposes. How to disable them from doing so in Avast Free Antivirus(6.0.1203) as per Application’s Names? May I...
  18. justme101

    Recycler virus!!! Help!

    A friend of mine has the problem with this virus. Any folder which i sent from my pc to a pendrive appeared normal in my pc but when it was plugged into my friend's pc the icon's of the folders changed into a shortcut icon but i can still open them. And there is a folder called "RECYCLER"...
  19. I

    Avast does not update

    I am using Avast Free Antivirus 5 on my system & it is set to update automatically. About 10 minutes ago, the red-alert box popped up saying that the last attempt to update was unsuccessful. When i tried to update it manually, i get this message displayed under Update (under Maintenance) -...
  20. funkysourav

    Avast 6.0 released

    Good news for all the free AV users Avast 6.0 has been officially released Check out the Download Link here Avast Free Antivirus - Reviews and free Avast Free Antivirus downloads at Download.com so what is so different in this version? AVAST Software Releases Updated Free Antivirus | News &...
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