Firefox & Chrome Hanging/Freezing


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I'm having freezing problems with both my FF & Chrome browsers. Whenever i browse a site(i usually open 2-3 tabs) it randomly freezes(not responding)
This first started with my Chrome browser,so then i got fed up and started using firefox,And now it happens with firefox too.
I've tried using FF with all plugins disabled but still this happens
I don't have any AV currently,but when i used to use Avast AV my Chrome still used to freeze randomly.I even ran a scan of chrome but Avast said there was no virus.
I uninstalled Avast because it used to give me BSOD's
keep the Task Manager up an open with 'Performance' tab displayed while using Chrome/Firefox. See if you notice a 'spike' in CPU, disk or memory usage.


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It seems there's some unwanted script running in the background. It must be running as soon as any browser loads a page.
I recommend scanning the OS partition and also use Spybot search and destroy.
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