1. H

    want to sell my desktop

    hii all i am akhilesh i wnt to sell my system full working fine beought 4 year ago but i modified it 6 months back reason:going for a laptop p3 551mhz 40 gb hard dick of samsung 6 month left xp original 2002 server pack 64+256mb ram <256 ram brought 6...
  2. [xubz]

    Fedora Core 6 Released!

    Fedora Core 6 was Officially Released Today!! Get it Here See the Release Notes Here [I Know it was Leaked 2 Days ago.. But this is THE Official Release]
  3. Official Techie

    a game

    is there any game which is based on car racing but actuallyur car has many missiles, speed boosters and guns there was a game breakneck many yrs ago i wnt to ask is there any such game now
  4. DukeNukem

    Integrating CDKEY with XP CD

    Hi There, What i want to do is Make Bootable CD of XpSP2 which do not ask me to input the User Name, Company and the cd key. Sorry if iam wasting space (in case such thread already exists) if it do can you guys give me the link. a week ago i've read it some where but now i...
  5. jz2linkinpark

    Server as PC(price confusion)

    hey doods! now,i ordered a pc a few days ago based on e6400 proccesor,1.0gb ddrII 667 mhz ram,320gb seagate barracuda harddrive,atx xabinet,550 watt smps power,dvd-rw benQ,gigabyte 8I945P S3 mobo,geforce 7300gs and 19inch LG crt. this baby cost me $968,but then,today at work,the manager...
  6. chesss

    Compatible cartridge & other printer problems?

    Compatible cartridge costs & other printer problems? Hey, all Got probs with my printer Printer Info Cartridge in use HP27 & HP28 Model: HP 3745 (comes under 3000 series) Q1. - skip to the Q2 if you don't feel like reading plz Now I had the B&W cartridge(HP27) refilled from the...
  7. H

    read aloud software

    there was a software given by digit few years ago ( at least 3 yrs ago ) which can read aloud any text . But now I forgot which yrs' which month it was given . But I need the same software . Its advantage was it can read any amount u can read aloud a total ebook . it was a demo ...
  8. s18000rpm

    Formula 1 '99-'02 PC Game

    Guys i'm having this game in my pc for the past 2 weeks, i didn't have any problem in it, but a week ago my friend did something in it & now my car (any car which i drive), never get DAMAGED. What's the reason for this?
  9. B

    Linux distributors unite on desktop standard

    Another step in making Linux a better choice for your desktop. Should have been done a long long time ago. Don't know why it took so much time. *
  10. NikhilVerma

    Page rendering problems in Opera

    I was just experimenting a bit with CSS .... and well the problem is that the page wouldn't render properly in Opera ... Tried it in FF and it works fine... Don't need to bother about IE coz it doesn't support PNG transparency in the first place... Here is the code For the HTML file...
  11. B


    i m in kolkata and bought nokia 3100 for 8500 3 years from ago... now i wanna buy 6630 or se w550... where shud i buy it from? and has the budget reduced their prices?
  12. D

    Gaming Centers

    Which is the best gaming enter you have been to ??? - i liked Surfs Up,Pune when i went there 3 yrs ago......... dunno if its still up - also my local gaming place Voodoo FX @ Borivali, Mumbai
  13. M

    Your password is....

    My password needs to be changed but when i press "ctlr+alt+del", I can directly see the task manager but no "Change Password" button. ( As when you press "ctrl+shift+esc") I dont remember but i think i have configured this to happen using some system utility (A long long time ago.) Can...
  14. mediator

    MTNL broadband....HOw to verify...?

    Around 5 days ago I gave them a letter for upgradation to Rs.590 plan. They said the task will be done before 15th of January. Around 2 days ago they asked me for confirmation on the phone ( well the lady sitting there didnt even know what plan was that ! ). Now I want to know if they have...
  15. Tapomay

    Minimum hardware requirement to install Pinnacle Studio...

    I have a 2.4GHz, 512MB DDR RAM on a 845GVSR board (with 64MB intel extreme graphics 2) and a 80GB 7200RPM HDD on which I can't able to install Pinnacle Studio 9 provided in DIGIT DVD sometimes ago. As I don't know what's the minimum requirements, please let me know if anyone have the...
  16. R

    Exporting contacts in gmail

    Can someone plz tell me how to export contacts from gmail to thunderbird... I had seen something like that a few days a ago with a "new" tag for exporting contacts in gmail but I cant find it now... Plz help
  17. K

    Opensource Indian OS

    check out * opensource os.. has features such as dynamic kernel modules, ELF support ATA support, support for fat12/32 amongst other things.. it is a project started by my friend a few years ago, but stopped development after about 6 months if anyone is...
  18. liquid_nitrogen88


    Digit Reviews: MFDs & Printers:3 reviews this year Cell Phones:2 reviews this year Laptops:2 reviews this year Mp3 Players:This month DVD Writers & Ext HardDrives:Last month Servers & Digicams:2 m ago Monitors:7 m ago Speakers:9 m ago portable Storage:10 m ago Motherboards &...
  19. Ethan_Hunt

    Kazaa Not Connecting

    Well Need Help Fast guys......Today i just installed Kazaa Resurrection And since it didnt connect i uninstalled it and After that my Earlier installed Kazaa lite v2.4.3 Could not connect as it was working fine just a while ago.....I dont think this is a firewall probs so plzzz some...
  20. I

    harddisk space

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