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  • ok, I hope u won't mind adding me :)
    please share ur id/mail so I can send request.. :)

    my id is -
    waiting for ur reply :p
    the video seems very interesting, will watch it properly later, as there is very less data limit on my Airtel 3G. :)
    I wonder when a fast, really affordable connection will be available in India...
    Actually guitar is becoming a fashion statement now a days, for those guys who want to show off themselves. We take guitar in our hand, and many girls will start floating around us, whether we know how to play it or not ;)

    But it's not the case with those who really want to learn it. It's a great instrument, for those who really wanna experiment and learn music :)
    Flute is, damn difficult yr. Especially the 30 inch flute, which I play. Causes dizzy head sometimes :)
    But so many times I have been asked that "how many Gopis have you attracted yet?" :p
    Thanks for your encouraging words bhai :)
    I also used to play guitar :) but the sound of flute led me leave it.. flute is a divine instrument.
    And I haven't even touched the cigarette or drink bro in my life bro ;) I belong to a typical brahmin family, so a bit of mummy's 'Samskaar' protects me :) .
    I actually belong to Kota, Rajasthan, and it's hardly a year in delhi.. U belong to delhi only? :)
    At least you are sincere about it brother. I am actually learning concert bamboo flute (bansuri), and I am confused whether I should give time to reading Vedic literature or to delve into Indian Classical Music. :( Many times I've decided to leave music, since it adds nothing to the intellectual capacity. But the sound of flute keeps me stick to it. I am a real confused person...
    And because of this network, our culture is still alive.
    Waiting for your feedback on the book... :)

    I was quiet amazed to read these lines from the article about Pt. Motilal Shastri, sharing with you...

    "The kind of hard work Motilal Ji did under the strict disciplines of Ojha Ji is an astounding incident. Just taking three hours of rest in a day the pilgrimage of knowledge of this student continued till the last moments of Ojha Ji’s life. Even after such hard work Ojha Ji used to even disprove the rest of three hours. In his words, “How can a person with conscious have the time to sleep, when in front of him such limitless treasure of knowledge is in a state of disarray?” He himself used to rest only once in fifteen days on the tithi of Pratipada, then how could he tolerate daily rest of three hours of hid student?"

    Can u imagine sleeping once in fifteen days! :)
    somehow you are becoming my inspiration bhai. Such deep knowledge, I salute ur passion :) I don't know a bit about our sciences, just started, an absolute beginner.. And ur posts are always a source of wisdom :)
    I am Glad u bought that book. It should be 'Before the beginning, after...." isn't it? :)
    Before starting, do read about the Author and his Guru, Pandit Motilal Shastri, who wrote about 8000 pages on Vedic Literature :) About the author is at the end of the book.. - About Pandit Motilal Shastri, a bit long, but inspiring :)

    I mailed to Rajiv Malhotra about these books and got a surprising answer. Rajiv ji knew the author, R K Mishra, and his wife Renuka ji, personally, and he read all his books :) The author used to stay in Rajiv ji's house before he passed away..
    I am reading the book, the one I suggested to u brother. And I am stunned to know the real meaning of the Vedic terms such as 'Ishwar', 'Prana', 'Dev' and more to be explored. It was even more surprising to know that much of the Vedic Knowledge is in the form of riddle, with several layers of meaning hidden deep inside the Mantras. It feels really sad that the macaulay generation is deprived of their own sciences, such great discoveries :(
    Thanks :) let me find the best way to Sanskrit..
    Really yr, Sanskrit feels so natural that I sometimes think we can acquire it through deep meditation :) It's something like, we are born with it..
    I go through every link u post brother :)

    And I am delighted to know u have a good knowledge of Sanskrit :)
    I want to learn Sanskrit yr, I think it's the right time. Can u tell me how.. I have searched a lot but can't find more than the set of DVDs. Please enlighten me :)
    Check out the culture thread now brother... you will see a live demonstration of max-muller syndrome. Really sad to see these guys consider English as global and universal language, and want to remain mum over mother-tongue issues..
    but u at least shake their intellect :)
    and then they defend themselves in any possible manner..
    but u r right brother. I realized it in the God vs Science section when u said it.. there is no sense in debating with these guys, they are completely brainwashed..
    Thanks for the links :)
    This is a eye-opening lecture, watched it 5-6 times already :)
    Rajiv ji's book 'Being Different', the one you mentioned, is indeed a milestone, will purchase is asap :)

    And for now you can get R K Mishra's first book, 'Before The Beginning, After The End - Beyond The Universe of Physics'. Will require much time to read, considering the thickness of the book and intellectual level of the author. Contains Vedic knowledge in it's purest, absolute form :). I am insisting because it's a Treasure House brother.
    The books are published from Rupa Publications.
    here are the details :)
    Thanx for the information RIshabh. I'll indeed get these books. I hardly get any time to read these days and Kena and other upanishads by Aurobindo was like breath of fresh air. One of my friends know Rajiv Malhotra and do read his book "An Indian challenge to western universalism".

    Watch :
    But I guess you must have watched that already :)

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