1. Gollum

    LG warranty/replacement query

    Hi, i have a 19" LG TV monitor which i bought less than a year ago. It has backlight bleeding problem. I want to know whether it is covered under warranty and how long will it take for a replacement or fixing if possible. Also i moved to another state a month ago but managed to find an...
  2. chahal63


    i wan to sell my p1i whic i had buy 2 years ago price suggestions are welcomed
  3. A

    Seagate 160 GB IDE PATA HDD

    Seagate 160 GB IDE HDD -- Rs.1600 shipped Warranty -- remaining till 31st March 2012 Recently RMA'ed about 15 days ago. So it as good as new. Here are pics:
  4. H

    bsnl broadband in ubuntu 9.10

    i want to connect INTERNET in ubuntu9.10. i am able to ping in my address. i try the pppconfig and use dynamic address. also other things as default but i am not able to connect in ubuntu. also 1 year ago i try ubuntu as timepass and that time i got INTERNET working in first try. i don't know...
  5. hskpunjabi

    how to update my n73 software at home

    hi friends,i have nokia n73 and its warranty is over,so here are no free software refresh from nokia care, my phone is running very slow,i have spent Rs. 300 for refreshing software a month ago.....and i don't want to spend any more money.......i have tried updating my phone few months...
  6. Krow

    Where is desiibond?

    He needs no introduction. The most active member of the past few months with 6436 posts has suddenly disappeared off the forum. :( Where is he? AFAIK he has not been banned or miserabled. His last activity is also not very long ago. But desii, why don't you post anymore here? Please don't leave...
  7. vamsi_krishna

    Michael.. What happend to your face...

    Just when i was googleing to get some pics of Michael for album art purpose, I was astonished, what happend to michael's face... See the difference long ago... recent years... :sad:
  8. Liverpool_fan

    Better Fonts for Indic Languages

    Can you suggest how can I set good fonts for Indic languages in Arch Linux? I remember I had Ubuntu some while ago and it had really good looking fonts for Hindi.
  9. RCuber

    [Opera Issue] Unusually high datausage while surfing Digit.

    Sometimes when I view a thread in this forum Opera downloads lot of data. even after the page is loaded opera keeps downloading lot of data. As I have a 2 MBPS connection, by the time I realise this unusual activity I would have already lost 8-10 MB. I had 3 such instances two days ago and twice...
  10. C

    Ubuntu 8.04 not updating

    I noticed that since the past two weeks, my Ubuntu installation isnt updating. Whenever i check for updates, it shows Your System is up-to-date in the Update Manager. Beneath that it states, The package information was updated less than one hour ago. I checked out
  11. T

    Thinkdigit newsletter, Has anyone got it?

    I remember around two months ago, I registered for Thinkdigit Newsletter(Monthly one it was). But still, I haven't received any. Has anyone of you got it?
  12. avtarkaint

    pc always hangs

    hello frnd please help me its urgent my pc gets hanged always after 15 -20 min, i had formated my pc but problem didnt solved yet, i have scan my pc with latest update of avg 8 version, no virus dected yet. i month ago i installed new hardrive of 250 gb. i m using xp professional with 256+512 gb...
  13. a_medico

    Post your favorite movie quotes

    The Man From Earth Are you religious? I don't follow a known religion. No. Long time ago I did, like most people. Some just never get over it. Do you believe in God? As Laplace said, I have no need of that hypothesis.
  14. soumya

    Google Drive killer coming from MIT Startup

    For Windows and Mac OS X... why wasn't this made 5 years ago? *
  15. D

    How to remove certain option in Context menu

    ok now what the problem is that i wanna remove Edit with MP3 Audio Editor option from context menu but i dont know how. i had this app but uninstalled it days ago but this option is still there. :(
  16. warfreak

    Can anyone confirm ?

    What is the official pricing of Gears Of War (PC) in India right now ? I checked about a month ago and it was more than Rs. 1600/-(M$ $UCK$ :mad: ) I really want this game.:(
  17. debsuvra

    Antivirus protection worse than a year ago

    The effectiveness of antivirus software has fallen off, and more and more pests can now slip past these barriers. This is the sobering conclusion the german computer magazine c't comes to in issue 1/08 with a test on 17 antivirus solutions. For the first time, c't also tested the behavioural...
  18. NucleusKore

    Nokia Ad, ten years ago

    We've come a long way, haven't we * XviD - *
  19. Cyclone

    Yikes!!! Virus attack! MP3 Player Fooched!

    Hey fellas, hows it going? Some of you may remember me from a couple of months ago, I was the engg student on a three-month summer break with a p4 and an Ubuntu cd to mess around with. Well, before leaving home for the new semester, I picked up a T.sonic 610 after consulting with you chaps on...
  20. Tech.Masti

    how to activate Tata on Reliance handset??

    i have an old Samsung- RIM handset, right now not in service(disconnected long time ago). is it possible to activate Tata INdicom service in it??? if possible how to do ??? and what is the expenses ?
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