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  • hey mate will you specify which month's Digit Magazine compares
    1.Hard disk drives
    2.Mother board

    this would be very much useful for my up-gradation..
    Can you help me out with this????
    hey dude, can you pls give me the link to the ACII torrent.. i cant find it in the net.. thanks...
    hi Ethan
    i think you've come across my problem by now. All I need is your help, you are using 4850 so you might know what should I do. I tried everything from uninstalling the drivers and then clean the files using driversweeper and installing the latest drivers. But no use. Same lag. I've played almost all the latest games without any problems even Crysis ran properly. Only COD4 and MW2 is giving the problem. I used to play COD4 without any problems and used to touch 60-70 fps, but now i hardly get 20. Dont know what is happening. I m thinking to install Win 7, currently using vista 32bit.. Can you pls help...

    Here are some servers where u can play if we aint playin within us .These are on 24*7 and no Hmachi required for em.

    So suppose If u wana join .. Type /connect in COD4 console.
    yo dude....i just signed up here so i could get some info out of u....heh.....i been thinking of getting a ps2 just to play Final fantasy 9 for the past 1 year, but always backed off from purchasing one cause of the risk involved in getting the right console from the right place issue. Read up the thread between you and tell me something the Do Buy place in Indrapasth really worth it ? can those guys be trusted ? I mean the last thing i want is going there and buying the damn thing and then experiencing a problem and finally when i go there to get it fixed i have to see the place closed. I looked up the place on google and i have the no. but the address is kinda vague as it mentions it being on S.V Road and in Borivali....can u give me some landmarks ? I just know the station....and IC colony.
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